Posted on August 21st, 2007

Probably, sitting on the floor in your room, you are currently thinking about the dissertation topic. One thing I can tell for sure – it is not easy to select the issue you are going to devote several years to. And, certainly, it is extremely hard to choose a correct topic for a dissertation in a few days. This process is more long-lasting than, say, writing a simple essay. This is why you should take some time before picking something.
First of all, dissertation topics come out of specific issues that interest you in your major. So start from assembling ideas. Certainly, while studying some questions piled up. Maybe, you noticed an aspect of your major that was not developed properly yet. When you get a somewhat clear picture of your area of interesting issues, try to find out how deeply they were developed by your forerunners. Here is a little hint – a good dissertation topic is the topic that will be exclusive, and you will be the first one to develop it.
If you still have doubts about the topic, consult with your supervisor. He is the person that knows for sure not only the list of available and unavailable topics, but can also guide you to certain sources.
While choosing a dissertation topic, be critical about the time you may need. Even a topic that already has some investigations on it can take away a lot of time because you will have to think about its new aspects and possibilities.
Choosing a dissertation topic is not a matter of day, week or even several weeks. It is a painful process and the more seriously you take it, the better the result will be.
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  1. kalaimani Says:

    i am a chemical enggineer i have 5 years technical exprience.i dont idea about dissertation.

  2. Francis Yaw Daah Says:

    I am writing a thesis on the topic, “time series analysis on vat revenue collections in ghana”. I need your assistance

  3. Ong Says:

    I am Master in International business, i need to choose a topic for my dissertation, but i dont have idea, i need your assistance.

  4. Afiea B Says:

    I am a Marketing student doind a BA hons and I would like to know how feasible is my current topic. What is the importance of Sales Management to a Cereal Company.

  5. andrew byaruhanga Says:

    i nead a dissertation topic related to commerce please help

  6. Nads Says:

    I am a BA (hons) interior design student. i need to choose a topic for my dissertation, but I’m confused about what to write. i need help to find a good topic. i hope i will get a reply from you soon.
    thank you so much.

  7. Tan Says:

    I need some help regarding my dissertation topic. i’m interested in taxation in the uk but haven’t got a clue of what topic should i write about. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! thank you very much!!

  8. Michelle Says:

    im taking BA (Hons) and i do really need an easy and interesting topic for my dissertation!please help me to find a topic.

  9. james Says:

    I am a BA (hons) interior design student. i need to choose a topic for my dissertation, i need help to find a good topic. i hope i will get a reply from you soon.
    thank you so much.

  10. Himalaya Says:

    I am a student of English Literature looking forward to do my masteral research using feminist approach to a fiction. Could you please toss some potential topics/ issues for my research?

  11. Mike Wilkins Says:

    I’m a student of MSc Media and Communication and i need help in finding a topic for my dissertation. (Anything to do in advertising, broadcating, cinema). Pls help. Thanks

  12. rajeev Says:

    i am tired of reseaching on my dissertation proposal… i dont know what to do it on

  13. Emma Says:

    I am a student studying BA(Hons)communication and media and I want to go along the lines of constructing identities through the media. Could you please help me of possible topics in conjuction with the idea that I mentioned?

  14. Anna Campsey Says:

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  15. Mohamed Mustapha Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a final year B.Sc (hons) in Applied Acoounting student. I have Problem in choosing my dissertation topic. I am interested in Taxation. Please help me.

  16. paul ogbaini Says:

    dear sir, i am a forth year student, studying construction management and i have selected a topic of dissertation on managing risks and opportunities in public-private partnership project, but my supervisor claims that, it is too broad. so i need help.

  17. Anna Campsey Says:

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for contacting us.You are welcome to visit our writing blog and use free tips.You may also place an order with our company.Our professional writers are ready to help you.You will be provided with paper of an excellent quality.You just need to fill out the order form and submit payment.Once you do that and payment is confirmed,your order will be made available to writers to work on.

    Thank you

  18. linda Says:

    I am a computer science student and i need to choose a topic for my dissertation,but i have no idea,i need help to find a good topic soon pliz pliz help me i’m running out of time.

  19. Nivo Says:

    I am an Information Technology student and I have a problem thinking a idea for my dissertation. If you could give me some tips and advice on how to start it would be extremely helpful. I have until friday to decide in what subject im about to write my dissertation. I hope i get a reply before the deadline.

    Thank you

  20. Chao Kou Says:

    i am a HRM student and i chose training and development as my main direction of my dissertation, but i really don’t have a clue about the topic, i am from China and i kinda thought i could choose topic related to my country but i gave it up because my tutor may not know much about what happened in china and my working papers will be made up of materials of both english and chinese, i really don’t want that to happen. thank u!