Posted on October 31st, 2007

One of the first and the main parts in the process of writing the dissertation is the dissertation proposal. It is a kind of ground of the work.
First of all, the purpose of the dissertation proposal is to explain the importance of your research and state the ground which can help to develop the question. It is the beginning of the process called dissertation proposal writing. If the committee gives the positive answer it should be noted in the written legal form.
The person who is going to write the dissertation should also present the plan of the work at the meeting concerning the main points of dissertation proposals. The plan should be proved by the department and its heads.
Next point is the choosing of the dissertation mentor, the person who is more or less interested in the topic you have chosen and who is friendly turned to you in order not to have more difficulties in the period of investigation.
Along with the dissertation mentor the readers play very important role during the dissertation proposal writing. They are the members of the Committee. They can help during the whole process, ask the questions, give the possible additional points and correct anything if necessary.
The size of the dissertation proposal should be about 25-35 pages, not all the information should be presented at the meeting, just the main points.
The structure of the dissertation proposals is usual: title, introduction, literary review, main body and the conclusion. In the title it is necessary to point out the whole title of your future dissertation, your name, and the data of the legal approving of the work, your address, and the names of the members of the meeting concerning the dissertation proposal.
Also, it is very important to remember that the task of dissertation proposal is not to prove the research, but show the necessity of such investigation in order to get the permission for further works.

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