Posted on April 18th, 2008

dissertation counselingActually, we should not even tell you that there are certain benefits from dissertation counseling. You have to go through it, period. Practice shows that many students avoid dissertation counseling till the very last minute – a week or two before turning their writing in. And this is when they start running after their supervisors and beg for dissertation counseling and hope for a miracle to happen. Actually, two weeks before the deadline no supervisor will agree to scan through your writing. Learn to schedule your dissertation counseling.

  1. The first point of your dissertation counseling is the theme selection. By the time you decide to write a dissertation you should approximately know what it will be about. The rest will be decided during your dissertation counseling. It is the supervisor who will advise you to choose the correct formulation.
  2. Next issue for dissertation counseling is the selection of sources. The supervisor is more in the topic than you are. This is why he/she will be the right person to guide you to the materials and data you need so much for the writing. Also, you should discuss with the supervisor the sources you found on your own. Such dissertation counseling may not be the only one. Data has to be discussed from time to time.
  3. If you have a draft of a finished chapter, ask for dissertation counseling. Your supervisor has to overlook your writing and propose some ideas or corrections. Such a procedure of dissertation counseling also has to be repeated – every time you finish a certain step.

  1. Finally, remember – apart from you there are several more students longing for dissertation counseling from the same person, for they are all assigned to one supervisor. Therefore, dissertation counseling has to be carefully scheduled.

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