dissertation bindingYou have invested so many efforts into completing your dissertation. You are proud of yourself and probably want somebody else to be the same proud of you. Well, then you definitely should bind your dissertation to make it look like a serious project.
Sure, you have some other motivations for dissertation binding. However, the rules of dissertation binding will be the same regardless of your reasons for doing that. Here are several general guidelines for dissertation binding.
Things to do before dissertation binding

  1. Find a trustworthy binding service.
  2. Print your project and make sure that all the pages are in the right order.
  3. Check the whole paper and make sure it is free from mistakes. Otherwise, you will have to bind it once again, which will cost you the same money you have already spent.

Things about dissertation binding you should pay attention to
Binding services usually offer two dissertation binding styles: hardback and softback. They will choose an appropriate dissertation binding style depending on how thick your paper is. Hardback is usually used for the documents that are 2.3 cm thick, softback for 4.5.cm documents.
But! Before giving your project for binding, you need to clarify one important issue. What we are talking about is time that the chosen company will spend on binding your paper. Some services do dissertation binding just in a few minutes. Others may spend several weeks on it. So, if there are some deadlines that you have to meet, it is better to take care of dissertation binding far beforehand.
Hope dissertation binding will not cause you too many troubles.
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