e-commerce dissertationIf you are a doctoral student majoring in Business or Marketing, you may choose to write an e-commerce dissertation as your final project. E-commerce is an interesting and acute topic. This is why it is a good choice to write e-commerce dissertations.
In this article, we would like to give some recommendations for writing e-commerce dissertations that will be a good starting point for you.
Narrowing down the scope of your project
Start with developing a specific question that you will have to answer in your e-commerce dissertation. E-commerce is a broad sphere with hundreds of issues to consider.
Let us give you a couple of topic ideas for your e-commerce dissertation:

  • Comparing similar e-commerce websites;
  • Effects that e-commerce has on employment;
  • Market analysis of top e-commerce sites, etc.

This list can be very long, and you have to know that topic opportunities for e-commerce dissertations are endless.
What aspect of the e-commerce dissertation should be your primary concern?
What you really have to take seriously is the value of your e-commerce dissertation. Make sure you pick something that will contribute to the field of e-commerce.
Conducting research
It is even ridiculous to remind you, but your e-commerce dissertation should be an original piece of writing. However, your project will be based on already existing research. So, you will have to invest quite a lot of time and efforts to study and analyze previous works within your field. A good e-commerce dissertation is a mix of previous research and fresh ideas.
Do not forget that the more tips a novice dissertation writer knows, the better results he/she may achieve. This is why you can also read our tips for writing business dissertations and a Marketing dissertation.

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