mardi gras essayMardi Gras, which literary means Fat Tuesday, is a holiday that is famous for its carnival celebrations. Mardi Gras is popular in many countries around the world. This is exactly why we suggest you make a kind of trip and describe it in your Mardi Gras essay.
Hope you know how to make good descriptive essays, because there are really a lot of things about the holiday you can describe: carnivals, masks, costumes, celebrations. Only thrilling and vivid descriptions will make your Mardi Gras essay captivating. If necessary, on our weblog you can learn more about descriptive essay peculiarities.
Anyway, let us get back to your Mardi Gras essay. Unfortunately, descriptions only cannot make Mardi Gras essays perfect, and you will have to carry out little research. Interesting facts will turn Mardi Gras essays into exciting reading for your teacher.
Thus, let us present you several pointers for writing Mardi Gras essays.
Pointer 1
It seems to be quite logical to start your Mardi Gras essay with a bit of history. Where does the holiday originate from? Actually, the history of Mardi Gras started in Ancient Rome. At those times, Romans had a kind of circus festival, which was called Lupercalia.
Pointer 2
In your Mardi Gras essay, you can say a few words about the way holiday came to America. Everything began in 1699 when the French explorer Iberville came to America. In the 17th century, Mardi Gras was already very popular in France and Paris particularly.
Pointer 3
Now, you may pass to descriptions of celebrations in different countries. The first place you should mention in your Mardi Gras essay is, definitely, Brazil and its famous Rio de Janeiro carnivals.
Then, tell about celebrations in Canada, France, and some American States like Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
If you want to write an exploratory essay about Mardi Gras, check our next article.

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