essays on why i want to go to collegeWe are sure you are not asked to write just a “Why I Want to Go to College” essay. Every normal person can guess why somebody wants to go to college. Higher education is still one of the main factors that affect how prestigious and well paid your future job will be.
Thus, adcoms are not looking for “Why I Want to Go to College” essays, where students enumerate obvious reasons for getting higher education. If you want to prepare a great “Why I Want to Go to College” essay that will stand out, you should look deeper inside the question. What admission officers in any college want to know is why you want to be enrolled in this particular college.
Therefore, let us talk about essays on “Why I Want to Go to College X”. First, we want to ask you one question. What idea comes to your mind first when you think about this essay on “Why I Want to Go to College X”?
Many students think that a shower of compliments about that college X is what admission officers are looking for in essays on “Why I Want to Go to College X”. Yet, it is not exactly so, because they already know how prestigious and good their college is.
Actually, what you should do is not explain why a certain college is good for you, but why you are a perfect fit for it. Here are a couple of hints for writing excellent essays on “Why I Want to Go to College X”.

  • Never use clichés in your essay on “Why I Want to Go to College X”. For instance, do not say something like “My mom used to go to this college”. Adcom wants to know your particular reasons.
  • Think how to explain reasonably why this college fits you (remember, not YOU fit this college). Say something like “I like that it is a small college, because quite and cozy places are just for me”.

So, good luck with your “Why I Want to Go to College X” essays. Tell about our blog if you know someone who writes law school admission essays or a NYU entrance essay.

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