what does essay mean in SpanishWhat does “essay” mean in Spanish? If you just need translation and cannot find it anywhere else, in this article we will translate the word for you and tell about its various meanings. Yet, let us ask you a question first.
So, you want to know “What does “essay” mean in Spanish?” Are you simply looking for a definition? Or do you need more explanations and essay prompts? Actually, no matter what your answer is, you will find both in this article. Let us briefly explain you what “essay” means in Spanish and remind you some general rules of essay writing.
What does “essay” mean in Spanish?: definition 1
In Spanish, the word “essay” (academic meaning) is translated as follows – “ensayo”. Another Spanish word that also means “essay” is “redaccion”.
What does “essay” mean in Spanish?: definition 2
You should also know that the Spanish word “ensayo” has other meanings: “test”, “trial”, “attempt”, “try”, and “rehearsal”.
What does “essay” mean in Spanish?: definition 3
Finally, you should be careful in order not to confuse the English “essay” and Spanish “ese”. The word “ese” in Spanish means “that”, “this” or it may mean something like “homeboy” if you refer to a friend.
What does “essay” mean in Spanish?: definition 4
If you need more than a translation of a word, then “essay” means in Spanish just the same as in English. We mean that this type of academic writing does not significantly differ in Spain and United States.
What “essay” means in Spanish is that a student should do the following:

  • prepare a piece of writing, where he/she presents own opinion on a topic;
  • follow some rules and requirements for organizing an essay;
  • do not copy other’s ideas and document all sources used for preparing an essay.

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