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What Do You Know about Essay Length? Is this Really True?

essay length guide

What do you know about essay length? Essay length is sufficient if your instructor says it is. This is the reply most of the students will give if asked about the essay length.

Indeed, what is the most appropriate essay length? Two pages? Maybe three or four? All the answers are correct because essay length depends on a number of factors which should be taken into account when writing an essay.


Some interesting facts about essay length

Essay length is, in most of the cases, determined by your professor and can hardly be exceeded. Some of the educational establishments have rather strict requirements regarding the essay length this is why try to stay within the limit when writing your essay.

This will help you to save some points to spend them later for grammatical mistakes. This is what you should know about the essay length:

  • Sometimes the essay length is free. This is the best case because such essays do not have any word or pages limits. However, do not overdo it! Your professor will unlikely be happy to read your How-I-spent-my-summer essay written on 30 pages.
  • Quite often the essay length depends on the number of sources needed to be used in the paper. Generally, no more than three sources per page are required because otherwise the essay will have too many quotations. So, if you have to use 15 sources, than your essay should be around 5 pages.
  • Essay length depends on the topic of the essay. If the topic is general (for instance, What do I like most of all about Christmas), the essay length is usually no more than 2 pages. In case with essays on literature, history, psychology, etc the essay should be longer because more space is needed for laying out the ideas.
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