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List of Dissertation Topics: A Notion with Different Meanings

list of dissertation topics guide

Why might I need a list of dissertation topics?

Many students study at Masters’ or PhD courses, and the logical summary of their work in those courses are their dissertations. Accordingly, any student might need a list of dissertation topics in order to complete one of the crucial works in his/her whole life, i. e. a dissertation.

However, looking for such a list of dissertation topics, one should be aware of the fact that it has two varieties:

  1. The list of dissertation topics that a teacher gives to students so that they could select the topic they prefer;
  2. The list of dissertation topics that students can find online while trying to develop proper focus areas for their papers.

Teacher’s list of dissertation topics

The list of dissertation topics given by your teacher is the easiest one to use. The advantages of such a list include:

  1. Confidence about the suggested topics;
  2. Clarity of the topic;
  3. Opportunity to discuss them with the teacher without wasting time for topic search.

Moreover, students do not have to research the validity and the relevance of the topics, because if the teacher presents such points in his/her list of dissertation topics, then the latter are perfectly acceptable.

List of dissertation topics online

If the list of dissertation topics that you can find online is concerned, you should be more careful while using its suggestions. To be perfectly sure that the topic are proper, you should check the origin of that list, the affiliations of the source you found the list at, and the credibility of the topics you can find in that list of dissertation topics.

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