market penetration strategy dissertationSo, you are working on a dissertation in Marketing and you have selected market penetration as the topic of your project.
Well, we have to say it is a good choice. Such important topic will help you stay motivated throughout the process of writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
We are sure you are knowledgeable enough in Marketing, and your market penetration strategy dissertation will be great. However, even real experts need help sometimes.
Thus, we want to offer our hints and free dissertation writing strategies. To be specific, we have listed some important things to do before you start writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
Dissertation strategy #1
Make sure you remember all the important aspects of Product-Market Growth Matrix developed by Ansoff. Market penetration is one of its categories, but you should know other three categories, since all of them are closely related to each other.
Dissertation strategy #2
Before you get down to completing your market penetration strategy dissertation, make sure you know answers to the following questions:

  • When does market penetration occur?
  • Under what circumstance can it begin?
  • Why do companies use this strategy?

Dissertation strategy #3
Check what you know about the ways companies use to penetrate markets. By the way, one of them can be discussed in your market penetration strategy dissertation, e.g. advertising or other marketing communications tools.

Dissertation strategy # 4
Finally, find good examples for your market penetration strategy dissertation. It can be companies (Toyota, BMW) or banks that use this strategy.
So, good luck with your project! Do you have some troubles with the methodology section of a dissertation? You will find useful tips in our next article.

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