security dissertationSo, you have an important and rather a challenging mission – write a social security thesis or dissertation. What it means is that you have to be an expert in various social problems, ways to solve them, some legal aspects of social security, etc.
Obviously, you are stuck at the very beginning of your social security thesis writing process. Thus, we are glad to present several hints that will help you start off.
Social security thesis: hint 1
Know your field. Social security refers to many things: social insurance, income maintenance, public services, etc. These are the means of providing social security, but for you, these are the ways to narrow down the focus of your thesis on social security.
Social security thesis: hint 2
Know some peculiarities of your field. Particularly, when working on your social security dissertation or thesis, do not forget that this system varies from country to country. A lot of factors affect social security system like economics, period of time, nation, etc.
By the way, comparing systems of different countries might be the main idea of your thesis in social security. Or, you may choose a bit broader scope for completing your social security thesis and write about social security systems in different regions, e.g. Islamic system vs. Scandinavian system.
We are sure this link will be extremely useful for writing your thesis in social security.
www. issa. int/ – this is the homepage of International Social Security Association.
Social security thesis: hint 3
Be aware of some legal aspects related to your field. At least, you should know what such basic documents as The National Insurance Acts, The Family Allowance Act, The National Assistance Act, etc. are about.
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