MayaHollywood never stopped to frighten the whole world with its “doomsday” movies. People were attacked by aliens or steroids, were flooded, were frozen and now people live in the fear of the coming 2012 year, which is the next doomsday. In the 1980s archeologists announced that they deciphered Mayas calendar, which predicts the end of humanity in 2012. Since then scientists are divided into two camps: those who predict the end of times, and those who predict the beginning of times. And mere mortals have to watch this battle and pray to their gods, believing or disbelieving in Maya Calendar’s predictions.
Still, is 2012 the last year of the Earth and humanity? Apparently, not!

The Maya Calendar Is Still Sub-Explored.

Who said that those archeologists from the 1980s were precise and correct in their calculations? For instance, few interpretations of this calendar exist (at least two). How this end year was calculated? Explorers took the Maya Calendar and the Gregorian calendar, and found the common date in the 16th century, the century when Spaniard conquistadores actually destroyed the civilization of Maya. Thus, some scientists think that the crucial date is to come in October of 2011, not in December of 2012.
Maya Calendar

Does the Maya Calendar End At All?

It is widely accepted that this calendar is linear, so some scientists claim that there can be no end in a linear calendar. Hypothetically, there can be the continuation of the calendar. It’s just Mayas got tired to calculate days. Or, maybe, they had some much more important things to do: defend themselves from Spaniards.

Mayas Had Plans Beyond 2012?

Is not even clear why people started talking about the end of the Maya Calendar. Mayas like any other nation had plans for future. For example, explorers found a lot of ancient Maya inscriptions which mentioned dates long after 2012. For instance, Maya mentioned that in 4772 people would celebrate the coronation of their Lord Pakal of Palenque.

But What Does the Maya Calendar Really Predict?

Of course, what exactly is going to happen is very obscure. Many scientists think it will be an earthquake, others predict the great flood. Some Mayanists claim it will be connected with the whole planet transformation in terms of the Universe development. The last theory is based on the fact that the Maya Calendar is extremely precise in terms of the Sun, the Moon, and other planets, stars, steroids, etc. Thus, there is no single theory, all the theories are quite doubtful and there is a need to be preoccupied with the Doomsday… yet.
MayanistsWho Is Able to Predict?

Besides, it is quite difficult to predict even the weather, to say nothing about the end of times. How many times our scientists predicted the collision of some enormous steroid and the Earth? Fortunately, they all were mistaken. So, why this time should be the end? Why it is 2012 when the earth will be stricken by some declining star? What about theory of relativity? Was it annulled? Even if ancient Mayas were right about some cataclysm, there are millions of possibilities and scenarios.

The End Is Only the Beginning?

The majority of scientists decode the prediction about the end, as the end of the Old Era and, thus, the beginning of the new one. This explanation is also supported by many Mayanists and proper Mayas, the descendants from the ancient Mayas. Mayas are believed to perceive the development of the Earth like the pregnancy: in the end some crucial moment comes (parturition) and something new is born to live. It turns out that Mayas predicted the beginning not the end!
Lord Pakal of Palenque

Did Ancient Mayas Come From Outer-Space?

Some people argue that Mayas knew everything and their calendar is a very reliable source of knowledge since Maya civilization was from outer-space. Well, of course, one cannot deny that Maya was a great civilization, building grand temples and buildings, having such great knowledge in mathematics and astrology. But it does not prove that they were aliens! It does not make sense! Mayas did not vanish as a nation. They still live in the Central America, some of them speak the Maya language as their native language, and some of them even use the famous calendar. Could those aliens partially leave the Earth? Could they leave their people to be murdered by Spaniards? It is, at least, doubtful.

What Do Mayas Think About the Maya Calendar?

By the way, Mayas living nowadays do not believe in this whole story about the doomsday. They admit that something is going to happen soon, but it is not the end. They follow their culture principles and consider this year to be the year of the beginning of the new era. So, Mayas are not as preoccupied with the doomsday as western people are. They just keep on living.

Maya Are Nothing but People!

doomsdayApart from all those scientific backgrounds and theories one should bear in mind that Maya were people, like you and your neighbor, though, perhaps, a bit stronger. They had their culture, a really great culture. And each culture presupposes the description of the nation’s starting point and, of course, the end of the civilization. Each nation has its Doomsday. Christianity also has it; though, it does not date it so specifically. We are not afraid of some mystical creatures anymore, why should we be afraid of some mystical doomsday which is going to happen in some particular year? Of course, everything has its beginning and its ending, but the end will come some million years later.

We Will Survive!

Tina Turner sang a really great song! It teaches people to be optimistic, though, people seek for tragedy. How many end years or Doomsdays did people have? In these two decades at least three doomsdays were predicted: 1996, 1999, and 2000. But people, fortunately, are still here.
Of course, there are hundreds of other arguments proving and defeating the prediction of the Maya Calendar. It is so great that soon people will, finally, know for sure what is going to happen in 2012!

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