If you are asked to write a reflective essay paper, you will find these 5 tips helpful to write one with a better content. In a reflective essay paper, it is important to focus on conveying your own perspective point of views and not simply relying on the views of others.

  1. Understand the essence of reflective essays

    One of the reasons why students failed to write a good reflective essay is due to their failure of distinguishing one from custom essay writing. While the latter consists of essay writing in consideration about the facts provided for a certain topic, writing reflective essays requires writing about your own personal experiences and point of views.

  2. Draw out your own perspective about the particular subject

    Your own emotions and thoughts should be the main element of the content of your essay. Express your standpoint and assert what you strongly agree or disagree about the issue and provide your justification. Write in a manner that you will not offend your readers when expressing your thoughts.

  3. Support your own standpoint with references

    Although you are expected to write your own observations, beliefs and convictions regarding a subject matter, students are required to support their own reflective standpoint using references in some cases. You can find useful references to cite in support of your personal stand on a subject matter using journals, books and other reputable resources online. It is important to keep in mind however that you need to benchmark your own experiences and your references are used only to support your own point of views.

  4. Observe word ethics when expressing your opinions in the reflective essay

    In reflective essays writing, freedom is given upon you to express your ideas and feelings. However, you should always observe ethics in your own choice of words. Your commentaries should not mention words that are offensive as to sex, religion and race. Avoid cursing words and other words denoting hate and attacking persons.

  5. Topic ideas to write

    Do not hesitate to write about your own personal experiences that may be related to your subject matter. It can be about life changing experience and your own reflection about how a particular event affected your personal life. After all, the main essence of reflective essay papers is to draw out your own personal ideas.

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