If you are asked to write a reflective essay paper, you will find these 5 tips helpful to write one with a better content. In a reflective essay paper, it is important to focus on conveying your own perspective point of views and not simply relying on the views of others.

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Posted on September 22nd, 2010

thesis titles“What’s in a name?” is a famous quote from a no less famous Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”. It is Juliet’s monologue, where she is talking about the meanings of names and where she says that no matter how a rose will be called, it will still smell like a rose.
Unfortunately, this rule does not work the same well when it comes to creating thesis titles. As a rule, if a thesis title “smells” not that great, the rest of the project may seem the same “stinky” to the reader. At least, this is what usually happens in reality. If the reader is not attracted by a thesis title, most probably he/she will put away the whole project without reading it.
This is exactly why every thesis writer should be very careful with thesis titles and should take time to come up with the most impressive and catchy “name” for his/her work. We are glad to tell you what we know about thesis titles and to present useful tips and recommendations.
A thesis title vs. a thesis topic
Some students confuse thesis titles with topics, which usually results in poor and unattractive titles. An important rule you should remember is that a title should better reflect the gist of your project and its significance rather than its general subject.
Formal requirements for thesis titles
Probably, these formal requirements refer more to a thesis title page rather than to the title itself. Just do not forget that your thesis title page should be arranged according to the rules of the format used to organize the rest of your project. Check some details about a thesis in APA format.
How to check the effectiveness of your thesis title
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graduate thesisSo, you are about to start working on the final and the most serious project in your academic career – a graduate thesis. Maybe, at the present moment, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You have already done many projects, but none of them is similar to a graduate thesis.
Well, you are not alone, and all other graduate students feel this way. However, if you do not procrastinate, do everything on time, have a good advisor, and some guidelines, the whole process will flow smoothly and will not cause too many troubles.
This article will be a good starting point for you, since here we present all necessary tips for writing graduate theses.
The gist of a graduate thesis
First, you need to have a clear understanding of what a graduate thesis is all about and what you are supposed to do. In a few words, your major mission boils down to producing new knowledge. If a graduate thesis does not make any contribution to science, it is a failure.
Coming up with the main question of your graduate thesis
You may wonder how examiners will define whether your graduate thesis is valuable and presents new knowledge. Actually, they will easily define this by looking at the main question of your project.
Examiners will use the following factors to evaluate the main question of your graduate thesis:

  • whether this question is already answered;
  • whether it is something useful to work on;
  • whether you have provided an adequate answer to your question.

Useful tips for writing graduate theses
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Posted on February 28th, 2010

thesis reportProbably, the first thing you want to sort out is what a thesis report actually is. You will be surprised to find out that a thesis report means the same as a thesis. Yes, you get it right – it is a mere thesis.
Why is it called a thesis report? Most likely because you need to report what is done and what is found.
So, thesis report writing is a time and efforts consuming process. Sure, talking about it can take several hours or even days, and still you will not figure out all secrets of making excellent thesis reports.
Hope you have time for that. We suggest you start with the main rules of thesis report formatting. Projects like that require strict and very specific organization.
By the way, we should mention that formats of thesis reports might vary from institution to institution. Thus, get guidelines for writing and formatting thesis reports from your college as soon as possible.
Yet, a standard format of thesis reports presupposes sections outlined below.
Preliminary sections
They include a title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, executive summary.
This is the first chapter of your thesis report, where you introduce a research problem, background info, rationale behind your research, etc.
Literature review
This chapter is devoted to literature and research related to the topic studied.
In this section of your thesis report, describe how research was carried out, specific methods used, etc.
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dissertation en francaisDo you have, for some reasons, to prepare a dissertation en Francais? Are you looking for some tips on how to do that? Then you will find this article rather helpful.
The thing is that a dissertation en Francais does not differ significantly from all other dissertations. If you have to complete your project for any institution in the United States, you will have to follow some standard rules and requirements.
In this article, we will share with you several secrets on how to complete your dissertation successfully. Before that, we want to give you a couple of quick hints for writing dissertations en Francaise:

  • Start with analyzing already written dissertations en Francais. First, you can find some useful sources for completing your project. Second, you will sort out all other vague issues you have.
  • Although you are rather proficient in French, be very attentive and accurate when writing your dissertation en Francais. After all, you are writing not in your native language.

General recommendations for making successful dissertations en Francais
Research your area of studies
Conduct thorough research to come up with the right topic for your dissertation en Francais. Make sure it is something that really interests you and will keep motivated throughout the writing process.
Write a proposal for your dissertation en Francais
Making a proposal is an extremely important starting point. If a proposal is not approved, you will not be allowed to work on your dissertation en Francais.
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Posted on November 10th, 2009

thesis presentation“Finally, this is it!” you think when your thesis project is ready. However, your “thesis adventures” are not over yet, because you have to get through one more significant stage – a thesis presentation.
You have invested so many efforts into the completion of your project, and your efforts will be either accepted or rejected by the committee members during this thesis presentation.
If you do not mind, we would like to help you a little so that you shine during your thesis presentation and stun everybody with your knowledge and expertise.
Things to do before your thesis presentation
Needless to say, the more time you devote to preparing for the thesis presentation, the more chances to succeed you have. We advise you do the following before your thesis presentation.

  • Visit a couple of other thesis presentations so that to get a general idea of the whole process.
  • Talk to students who have already got through it. Ask all questions that bother you.
  • Give a thesis presentation for your friends or family. Thus, you will understand what questions listeners might have. Take into account all critical comments.

Things to do during your thesis presentation
The most important thing you should do is calm down. Have a good sleep, breakfast, stay away from anything that can make you nervous or irritated.
Make sure that:

  • all committee members have the final copy of your thesis;
  • you have all necessary forms that should be signed by the committee members.

Here are some final recommendations on how you should behave during your thesis presentation:

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thesis committeeWhat is the role of a thesis committee? This group of people not only evaluates your project during the defense and decides whether to give you a degree or not.
A thesis committee also supervises your work and progress throughout the writing and research processes. It means that you can ask one of the thesis committee members for help if necessary, consult on some issues, etc.
In other words, a thesis committee will play a significant role for you and your project.
If you have not decided on your thesis committee yet, let us explain you how to choose the right people to rely on.
Talk to your advisor
First, talk to your advisor and simply find out how the thesis committee is formed.
Then, ask your advisor to recommend you some people for your thesis committee. Keep in mind one important aspect. Your advisor should get on well with all thesis committee members. Some issues between your advisor and one of the committee members might have negative effects on your project and graduation.
Talk to other students
Talk to students who already have a thesis committee. Ask how they selected committee members, what criteria they used to make a decision. Ask senior students whether they had negative experiences with some of the faculty members.
Trust yourself
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full text dissertationYou have signed up for writing a dissertation but you got stuck from the very beginning. Or, perhaps, you are already working on your project and face some difficulties. In these and many other cases, full text dissertations can be good assistants.
However, we know that many students cannot benefit from using full text dissertations. The main reason is that they cannot organize their search properly and find necessary documents.
This is why our writers are glad to explain some rules of searching for full text dissertations.
Where are full text dissertations stored?
These days, common sources of full text dissertations are online databases and libraries. However, you can also find full text dissertations in usual libraries of different institutions.
What should you know about online databases?
Online databases contain a huge amount of full text dissertations or dissertation abstracts. All databases are unique and cover different subject areas. One of the most well-know databases is ProQuest. It includes more than 2 million dissertations and theses. Every year, 60 000 of full text dissertations and theses are added to ProQuest.
You should also keep in mind that there are different ways to access a database and get necessary full text dissertations. Some databases are free and you can easily download full text dissertations in PDF format. Other databases require some fees or you need to be a registered member if you use, for instance, an online library of some institution.
How should your search of full text dissertations be organized?
You will never find documents that you need if you do not know how your search should be organized. To find full text dissertations, you can use three basic methods:

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thesis and dissertation themesA good dissertation or thesis theme is always a hard choice to make. Many factors should influence your decision. By the way, the process of selecting thesis or dissertation themes can take a lot of time, which, actually, dissertation writers cannot afford.
This is why we want to share some secrets of choosing thesis and dissertation themes that many dissertation writers have already used.
Choosing thesis and dissertation themes: secret #1
The easiest way you can go when picking a thesis or dissertation theme is to use a list of topics provided by your advisor. At least, you can be sure that these issues are worth discussing, there is some room for new findings, and your project will be valuable for the research community.
Choosing thesis and dissertation themes: secret # 2
Another rather effective way to pick a dissertation theme is to find and analyze the most recent projects within your research area. This way allows you to:

  • Find some acute problems;
  • Decide which problems should be investigated further;
  • Understand what particular themes are interesting to you and whether you want to research them.

Choosing thesis and dissertation themes: secret # 3
Talk to other graduate students and visit some student forums where thesis and dissertation writers share their experiences. If this does not help you come up with a concrete thesis or dissertation theme, you will be given some good recommendations. What is more, you can solve many other problems and vague issues associated with your project.
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graphic design dissertationIt seems that people who are going to be designers are very creative and usually have a lot of ideas. However, when it comes to writing graphic design dissertations, even these creative people might have some difficulties.
If you need some hints on how to choose graphic design dissertation topics, you are in the right place. We are glad to share some ideas with you and provide additional recommendations for writing your dissertation in graphic design.
Let us start with several recommendations for selecting graphic design dissertation topics.
Specify your interests
Graphic design is a broad and really captivating subject. However, you need to focus on things that are especially interesting to you. You significantly increase your chances of completing your graphic design dissertation successfully if you feel passionate about the topic you are going to cover.
So, what areas are you interested in and would like to investigate in the graphic design dissertation? Typography, colors, or a certain graphic designer?
Define appropriate methods of conducting research
Think of the best working approaches to cover the topic of your graphic design dissertation properly. Probably, you will have to work with some graphic design companies to get necessary results.
Mind some peculiarities of dissertations in graphic design
Some dissertations are more about theory, others are more focused on practical issues. Good dissertations in graphic design are a mix of theory and practice, and this is what you should keep in mind. Make sure that all theoretical issues you are talking about are illustrated with examples.
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