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Economic Effect of Private Equity Industry

Introduction Private equity is a term that is used in economics to describe a class of assets that do not directly trade on the stock exchange. This term has quite often been used synonymously with buyout investments. Private equity involves investment in an already operating company through the purchase of...

Topic: Economics

Economics of Education in the East Asian Region

Introduction The connection between economy and education has always been inevitable because these two spheres of human activities are interrelated and interdependent. The contemporary society may be defined as a society of the future due to numerous innovations which are invented daily and which help this society to develop. According...

Topic: Economics

“Public Budgeting in America” by Tyer & Willand

Introduction Over the last two decades, considerable amount of reform and changes have occurred in the public budgeting of many states and counties. The beginning of 1990s saw more attention being redirected towards what is popularly known as performance budgeting or entrepreneurial budgeting (Tyer & Willand, 1997). However, it must...

Topic: Politics

No Child Left Behind Act History and Future in America

Introduction Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was introduced by the U.S. Congress in December 2001. In spite of benefits and advantages expected by children, schools and the states, NCLB becomes a real problem for modern society and children, lower educational achievements and progress of students. The aims and goals of...

Topic: Politics

Organizational Leadership and Culture Across the World

Introduction Different parts of the world are governed and monitored by various styles of leadership which with time, have become the culture of the particular region. Virtually all countries all over the world have unique cultures which play a great role in shaping their occupational as well as community cultures....

Topic: Business

Personal and Privacy Information Protection

Problem Statement The research problem of the paper is closely associated with the necessity to discuss the issues of personal information privacy, and evaluate the means of information protection. Originally, the means and tools of information protection entail various aspects of privacy and protection in general, consequently, none of them...

Topic: Natural Science

Marketing: IPAD’s Value Proposition

Introduction A value proposition is an offer that gives measurable benefits to either an individual or a given organization and provides a promise to be fulfilled. Its concern is mostly based on reviewing, then analyzing costs that occurred and the benefits expected or the value they can offer their customers,...

Topic: Business

New Sociology of Childhood

Introduction Tradition methods vs. New Sociology Over the last two decades, traditional theories have always depicted adults as independent, rational efficient and experienced adults while a child on the other hand was portrayed as dependent, irrational and an incompetent young person. Thus from such theories children were normally not regarded...

Topic: Sociology

Researching the Flexible Grouping

Statement of the problem Flexible grouping is defined as a “grouping that is not static, where members of the reading group change frequently” (Ford, 2005). The overriding problem in the research is students’ inability to adapt to changes that occur in the flexible grouping rather frequently. Moreover, it is possible...

Topic: Education

Thuraya Communications Company

Abstract This paper looks into the Organizational Behavior of the UAE-based Thuraya Communications Company and analyzes the different aspects of the issues that are affecting the company’s productivity and performance. Introduction This paper examines and analyzes the organizational behavior model of Thuraya Telecommunications Company. The company had been through some...

Topic: Business

Organizational Socialization

Introduction Every organization would want to have a cohesive team that occupies different positions in the organization’s structure. Individuals who are new to the organization expect that they are recruited and assisted in inculcating the values and cultural norms as well as the expectations of the organization (Champoux, 2006). It...

Topic: Business

Sexuality Among the Aged: Specific Features

For a harmonious full-blooded existence, the complex nature of human beings requires a whole range of factors. Those may include good health conditions, proper living environment, adequate social status, satisfying work, and many other possible elements. Among those, the significance of such factor as satisfaction with one’s sexual functioning cannot...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

The Intellectual Life of Alvin Toffler

Introduction People have been dreaming of looking into the future since times immemorial. Alvin Toffler, an American writer and futurist, made an attempt to predict the future development of mankind after thorough analysis of the recent technological changes and their impact on human consciousness. Toffler would figure in history as...

Topic: Linguistics & Literature

Books by Jane Feuer and by Rick Altman Preview

Throughout the second part of the twentieth century, most film critics used to refer to the cinematographic genre of the musical from a strictly utilitarian perspective – that is, they would often imply musicals being nothing but rather mechanistic fusion between genres of theatre and cinema, meant to provide audiences...

Topic: Media & Entertainment

Behaviorism as Useful Framework For Managing People

Introduction Behaviorism is not entirely a new concept in management. Managers in many organizations employ certain aspects of behaviorism on daily basis. Organizational policies, operation plans, and analyses of their activities contain aspects of behaviorism. Nonetheless, it is hard to ascertain whether the concept is used appropriately. Behaviorism can be...

Topic: Business

Factors in Success of Leadership Development Programs at XYZ Telecommunication Company in the USA

Introduction Leaders are the persons who communicate their views and approaches, and try to help the peoples to understand their observations. These leaders will think themselves and generate ideas and influence the peoples in social manner. The great qualities needed in leader are sincerity, innovation, proficiency, inspiration, cleverness, elegance, etc....

Topic: Business

Criminal Justice Issues

Introduction The community experiences a burden that is linked from crime and violence. There exist direct consequences that are linked to the quality of life. These consequences may include the reduced lifespan, intensive feeling of insecurity and a change in the way people behave due to the reduction in the...

Topic: Criminal Law

Internet Role on International Marketing in

Overview The internet is considered to the drive of the new millennium. Advancement in internet technology has led information revolution. Communication throughout the world has been simplified by internet technology. Use of internet has great impact on business operation. The technology has made business-to-business and business to customer communication much...

Topic: Business

E-learning Evaluation and Organizational Performance

Introduction The traditional form of imparting training and education is changing phenomenally. The concept of e-learning has gained a foothold all across the world. The use of technology as an aid for imparting education and training has become a radical form of innovation and has provided a challenge to both...

Topic: Natural Science

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A dissertation’s length varies depending on your field of study, topic, objective, area of research, etc. It may vary from 100 to 300 pages. So, you need to take your contributing factors into account. You can take a look at our dissertation examples to get a better understanding.

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