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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Stress Reduction

Introduction Caregivers of children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) usually experience elevated levels of stress and poor physical health. Parents of such children, in most instances, experience such mental health issues as general distress, psychopathology, and stress (Cachia et al., 2016). Young patients with ASD exhibit restricted, repetitive behaviors,...

Topic: Psychology

The Influence of Green Procurement on Supply Chain Management Among the UK

Abstract The following study is aimed at examining the issue of relevance of the green procurement in the context of the UK supply management, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. With the help of empirical and theoretical approaches to research, the study was carried out on the basis of secondary...

Topic: Business

Sales Staff Behavior of Credit Card Sales in Penang

Abstract The objective of this dissertation to present a coordination of shifting dynamics of the sales staff behavior along with the consequential factors affecting customer’s respond. Here the study ground is the credit card sales staff in Penang, Malaysia and their associated customers of the location. The organizations concerned with...

Topic: Economics

Diversity Management at Marketing Companies in Memphis, Tennessee

Introduction In the era of globalization and decreasing barriers between cultures, workplace diversity facilitates better collaboration and the necessity to encourage commitment to embrace change and differences. Both tangible and intangible benefits can be achieved, ranging from conflict resolution to increased exposure. Researching the problem of the lack of diversity...

Topic: Natural Science

Factor Analysis and the Creation of New Codes

Factor analysis was employed to extract critical factors in the questionnaire that explain risk governance determinants. According to Jackson (2015), factor analysis applies in the design of a valid and reliable scale because it extracts the most significant factors from observed data that explain a construct of interest. In the...

Topic: Business

Customer Satisfaction and Effective Customer Service

Foundation of the Study Background of the Problem In modern and dynamic business environments, effective communication with customers is critical to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction (Alidadi & Nazari, 2013). Customer satisfaction has an important role in the overall profitability and performance of businesses, as well as in...

Topic: Economics

The Work Commitment of UAE Generation Y Employees

Introduction Background Generations of people emerge with differences in experience, values, attitudes, ambitions, and mindsets. Changing demographic attributes across the world have a marked effect on human resources. The current population of the UAE (Lim 2013) comprises the Traditionalists (1925 to 1945), the Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964), the Generation...

Topic: Business

Role of Clinical Nurse Leaders in Reducing Nursing Staff Burnout

Introduction to the Topic and Purpose of the Paper One of the roles of Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) is to create an atmosphere where nurses can prevent or cure any illnesses and injuries presented to them. Redfern (2012) argues that nurses monitor patients’ health conditions at the bedside, detect near...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Case Study

Introduction In the current competitive and knowledge-driven business environment, organizations are keen on finding ways to edge out their rivals in the market (Tidd 2017). The sustainability of any organization is currently defined by its ability to be unique in its product offering, understand the changing needs of the target...

Topic: Education

Deconstructing Dong and Wang’s “A Pre-Emption Model of Mergers”

Introduction In order to find solutions to the problem known as the merger paradox, researchers pay much attention to developing models and theories that can explain and address this complex phenomenon. In their article “A Pre-Emption Model of Mergers,” Dong and Wang (2014) focused on studying the paradox associated with...

Topic: Business

“A Theory of LBO Activity Based on Repeated Debt-Equity Conflicts” by Malenko

Introduction Mergers and acquisitions should be effectively financed to guarantee value creation as the major outcome. In many cases, the focus is on leveraged transactions or leveraged buyouts (LBOs). Researchers accentuate the problem that the value creation associated with LBOs is dependent on various factors, and the success of LBO...

Topic: Business

Preliminary Study of Risk Factors in Marine Construction Projects

Introduction Background of the Study The Saudi Arabian marine construction industry is growing rapidly as the country tries to diversify sources of revenue. The government has been working closely with the private players to ensure that the overreliance on the oil and gas sector of the economy is reduced. Although...

Topic: Technology

The Influence of Risk Governance on Project Objectives

Introduction This chapter critically reviews existing literature in the area of risk governance and related frameworks in the private and public sectors. It presents various views and perspectives on risk governance definitions and frameworks, culminating in the development of a maturity model for risk governance in the public investment projects....

Topic: Business

Improving Treatment Adherence in Hemodialysis Patients

Introduction Those patients who have chronic renal disease need regular hemodialysis procedures. However, the problem is that these patients often demonstrate non-adherence to treatment regimens because of certain barriers. The purpose of this literature review is to explore the phenomenon of non-adherence and identify obstacles that can be faced by...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

Gender Inequality in Higher Education

Introduction As a component of human capital, education is an important indicator of a country’s global competitiveness. Education represents influential factor that determines the direction and prospects of the economic, political, and cultural development of society. It acts as an important tool for empowering people, the basis for the formation...

Topic: Sociology

Adult Learning in Web-Based ESL Acquisition Programs

Abstract Adult Learning In Web-Based ESL Acquisition Programs find the approach a significant success. Typically, that is because the web-based applications such as Odysseyware, the wiki application, and a range of other applications provide an environment and features that support different modes to teach the adults students in ESL acquisition...

Topic: Education

Concepts of Learning Communities

Learning communities are widely recognized by academic institutions as a powerful medium of learning. Literatures support the principle that interaction of members in the learning community plays an important factor in influencing the quality of enhanced learning outcomes. Each stakeholder in a learning community is encouraged to become proactively engaged...

Topic: Education

Improving the Responsiveness of the Government of Dubai

Background Technology continues to shape everyday life by redefining how people share ideas, critique and implement them. This is particularly true in public governance because social media is a new reality that leaders have become accustomed to as more people are demanding higher levels of accountability and transparency in the...

Topic: Media & Entertainment

Impact of Branding on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

Introduction Branding remains a powerful practice for informing customers about the existing products and services. Many companies pursue this concept since it has been observed to increase competitiveness and delivery timely business outcomes. Any person in the global community can become a consumer for a given product. However, customers tend...

Topic: Business

Action Learning for Developing and Supporting Leaders in Family Firms

Introduction The current changes in the sphere of management and organizational life have increased the necessity for leaders to develop their skills, become better learners, and be better leaders (Leonard & Lang 2010). According to Linsky & Heifetz (2002), they have proven the fact that many organizations have already faced...

Topic: Business

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