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Representation of Culture in EFL Textbooks and Learners’ Preference

Abstract The present study explored cultural representation in the “Total English” textbook, one of the most popular EFL teaching materials, and learners’ preferences with regards to the subject matter. It was hypothesised that the textbook lacked balance in terms of the three types of culture: source, target and international. Through...

Topic: Education

Resilience Building Against Natural Disasters in the Caribbean Islands

Abstract Resilience is an ability to recover from an adverse impact, which in the context of Hurricane Irma and the British Virgin Islands means the practices of building construction, materials and preparedness plans that allow restoring previous activities on the territory. In general, hurricane Irma was the most impactful natural...

Topic: Technology

Linguistic Politeness: Gender Differences

Introduction Language, culture and communication are deeply interrelated phenomena. Language can be defined as a system of linguistic signs and symbols that has a major purpose of supporting human interactions, self-expression, and information exchange. Nevertheless, the latter is not the only function of language. As noted by Kirch (1973), “language...

Topic: Sociology

Marxist Anthropology: Analysis and Critique

There are many different theoretical perspectives, or paradigms, in anthropology that view events from a variety of viewpoints. Each one tries to find specific reasoning behind the formation of social groups and traditions, such as the fulfillment of a specific function or the universal need to follow a particular structure....

Topic: Sociology

“The Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety on EFL Learners” by Rassaei

Research in language learning and acquisition is a significant part of applied linguistics. Foreign language anxiety is among the most popular subjects of study in this field since it affects language learners’ attitudes and progress. A study by Rassaei (2015) focused on the impact of oral corrective feedback on L2...

Topic: Linguistics & Literature

ELF in Saudi Higher Education: The Challenges of ELF Implementation

Introduction The normalization of English as the anticipated lingua franca in the context of the Saudi higher education is an essential topic that has warranted further discussion from an academic standpoint. Although the implementation of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in the Saudi academic environment might be met with...

Topic: Linguistics & Literature

Assessment of an E-Government Model: A Case Study

Abstract The paper considers e-government as the specific phenomenon of the era of information technology development. Case-study method is applied, with the evolution and current state of US e-government system as the example. The research includes both secondary study and empirical research based on expert interview with open questions, with...

Topic: Politics

The Concept of Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetics is a field of study that entails examining the impact of genes on the body’s response to specific medications. This field is also referred to as pharmacogenomics. Genes are made up of DNA sequences that hold information about unique physical traits. However, they also influence the safety and efficacy...

Topic: Natural Science

Emotional and Cognitive Basis of Anxiety in Autism

Symptoms of anxiety commonly co-occur in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) adding extra burden to people already suffering from this condition. According to Bejerot, Eriksson, and Mörtberg (2014), close to 50 percent of people diagnosed with ASD have reported significant levels of anxiety, which affects their day-to-day functioning. Even in cases...

Topic: Psychology

The Reward Management Practices: Kazakhstan’s Hospitality Industry

Introduction In this part of the paper, attention will be paid to the review of recent studies about employee job performance, reward management, and hospitality industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A literature review is an integral part of any research project, the goal of which is to create a...

Topic: Business

The Impact of Leadership Styles and Skills on Teams

Introduction Modern conditions dictate a radical change in the role of human in the organization’s management system. He ceases to be part of the technological process, and turns into the most important resource of the organization. Therefore, the priority task of management is to ensure conditions for the fullest disclosure...

Topic: Business

Interventions for Treating Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology

Introduction Since the 1980s, multiple interventions have been developed to treat the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) (Vanyo, Sorge, Chen, & Lakoff, 2017). Some of the most common ones include crisis interventions and critical incident stress management (CISM) (Hararay, 2012). Generically, these interventions are referred...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

Jeddah University: Sports Health Education Instructional Program

Abstract The promotion of sports-related health activities at educational facilities represents the area of concern for the healthcare sector as it can significantly reduce the occurrence of health complications and promote positive health and lifestyle choices among students. Because of this, it was chosen to focus on exploring the integration...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

Wisynco Manufacturing Company: Case Study

Introduction Technological advances of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have shaped the manufacturing industry on a global scale. Beverage production has developed under the influence of new technologies and managerial strategies, which enabled companies to improve their performance and enhance their competitive advantage (Flammini et al. 2017). Although the food...

Topic: Business

Attitude of Students Towards the Use of Library Facilities

Abstract Information is the most powerful tool in learning endeavours. Libraries are collections of information in organised ways to make it accessible to the target audience. The main challenge, however, is the underutilisation of library resources by students in many learning institutions. The purpose of this study was to determine...

Topic: Education

Effects of Cyber Crime on Project Managers

Abstract Cybercrime has become one of the biggest challenges for project managers in the modern era of digital data platforms. Although this form of managing data is effective, the study shows that it poses new challenges, top of which is cyber-attack. The researcher was interested in explaining effects of cybercrime...

Topic: Criminal Law

Information Security Governance in the Federal Government Entities of the UAE

Research Topic This paper contains a proposal for a study that will investigate Information Security Governance (ISG) in the Federal Government Entities (FGEs) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Specifically, the project will construct a framework for ISG and its improvement in FGEs based on primary data from an FGE-focused...

Topic: Politics

Morphine and Marijuana in Palliative Care of Patients With Cancer

Introduction The provision of palliative care to patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer has proved to be difficult to due excessive medicalization and the fear of death. According to Masman, Van Dijk, Tibboel, Baar, and Mathot (2015), morphine, haloperidol, and midazolam are common palliative drugs, which are administered at...

Topic: Health & Nutrition

Benchmarking Knowledge Management Systems in Project-Based Organizations

Abstract This paper aims to explore knowledge management with regard to project-oriented organizations, the key feature of which is the integrated work of various employees in a team. Today, knowledge presents the paramount asset of project-focused companies that need to not only produce new products and services but also accumulate...

Topic: Business

The Impact of Using Technology in Qatari Organization

Abstract Qatar is one of the fastest developing economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. In this study, the primary goal of the researcher was to investigate and discuss the impact of using technology, especially in the communication sector, on local Qatari organizations. The study relied on both...

Topic: Technology

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