History of Community Jazz Bands in Floridoniaville City


The subject of the historical research is devoted to the study of History of Community Jazz Bands in Floridoniaville city through the examination of the most significant historical moments and stages of jazz bands formation. In order to make a sufficient historical research in jazz music education it is necessary to involve thorough analysis of the most important sources related to the subject. The basic objective of the research is to examine and analyze the periods of historical music education providing all challenges and complexes in the flow of history in music education.

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What is the most important aim of the research? The data will help to understand the roots of community jazz bands and peculiarities of this style education process for the purpose of sponging innovative methodologies to use in modern education system. The research will investigate the stages of jazz bands formation and activities of the famous jazz performers at a particular place.

The principle research questions are aimed at clarifying the following issues: What were the prerequisites for jazz education development in the city analyzed and what principle methodologies the system of education was based on? What were the first jazz instruments used in the particular city and who were the most well known representatives of this music direction?

What is the audience of the research? It is important to stress that historical study in jazz music education will become an important element for the representatives of music art, music institutions and individuals being interested in jazz in general. The research will investigate all possible participants of education process at a particular state through all stages of historical flow.

How the authenticity of the research will be verified? The data analysis will be based on valid sources; besides, facts taken from the world history proving the development of jazz style education in the particular place. The paper will investigate the examples of jazz compositions rooted from the city proving its education value.

Where will the findings of the research be used? History of jazz education history will be of great importance for various scientific journals and magazines making special historical reports and comparative analysis between epochs in the system of education. Higher institutions can use the data in the curriculum as the part of compulsory courses for the students to be updated as to the jazz development as one of the most prominent music styles.

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Review of the Literature

The process of references selection related to the sphere of jazz bands historical development will be started from review of general sources describing jazz as the style of music and describing the peculiarities of its education. It is important to stress that general overview of music as the part of social culture will be helpful for highlight music education from the point of view of famous musicians and music librarians.

The basic need in the reference investigation concerns the necessity to decide the problem of music education methodologies in modern jazz music development and examine the principle steps in jazz promotion in modern population. The references analyzed in the paper will help to identify the basic methods of music education in the particular place and clarify its main difficulties for contemporary specialists to avoid mistakes of the past.

For example, Garret in “Struggling to Define a Nation” shifts the emphasis of the importance of the African origins, and a fortiori European in shaping the style of Jazz. The author explains through the book the main contributing factors of the evolvement of jazz as a style recognized today, i.e. the contribution of certain musical figures and the rhythm. In a collection of essays Williams traces the contribution of the lead figures in jazz music, where in a similar attempt in “Struggling to Define a Nation”, Charles Garrett associated the occurrence of such figures as Louis Armstrong to the internal migration from the South to the North. (Garrett, 2008)

What are the primary sources of the research paper? It is important to stress that primary sources will be focused on the particular place of music education study. References will be thoroughly selected considering the peculiarities of jazz bands development in the particular city. Besides, the references of primary importance will contain analytical analysis and statistics of jazz education system benefits at different periods in the particular place.

The question is where the references will be taken from?… Considering the topic and potential audience of the research paper related to the study of jazz bands education history it is necessary to focus on internet resources. The fact is that there are a lot of online articles related to the topic and being updated, so the information that will be used for the research, will contain only renewed and revised editions of music education history.

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The secondary sources taken from journal and magazines articles will reflect additional facts about music education achievements and representatives of this style contributing to the development of jazz education in the particular city. As a matter of example, some facts can be devoted to the development of jazz as an American or Afro-American phenomenon shifted to a global perspective as stated in “Jazz Planet, where editor E. Taylor Atkins and his group of contributors assert that “if the global history of jazz is to be written accurately and fully, US musicians must be placed within a broader context of musical borrowing, exchange, innovation, and traffic. Americans may have created jazz, but from the moment of its inception, this music quickly became something to which performers around the world have added immensely”(Jackson, 2004)

What are other places where the references can be taken from? It is necessary to underline the fact that electronic reference tools used for historic research make it more efficient. It is easy to search and store the information; besides, the paper will divide the periods of jazz education which will be easier to do with the help of electronic books and computer articles. Where is the most efficient data written? It is necessary to underline the fact that the reference list should also contain dissertations and periodicals related to jazz music education and its history in the particular place.

So, the information of primary sources will be based upon:

  • Historical books;
  • Dissertations and scientific studies;
  • Music documents;
  • Internet,

While the secondary references will be:

  • Journals articles;
  • Wikipedia fact description;
  • Literature of musicians’ biographies.

How will the data reflect its most important facts and how it will be handled? The data will be handled through gradual description of various periods from the history of jazz education in the particular city.


What methods will be used in the research paper writing? What will be the basic means of data analysis? In order to provide efficient historical research in the sphere of jazz music education it is necessary to use qualitative method of analysis. The method of comparative analysis is to be used as the principle one in order to design gradual development of music education in different regions of the state. Besides, the usage of this method will allow seeing the differences in various epochs in music sphere. Methods to use:

  • Qualitative research;
  • Comparative analysis;
  • Descriptive approach.

How music methodologies will be studied? The theories and methodologies of music education have been studied throughout centuries being influenced by number of social and governmental transformations. Research of music education history should be predominantly based on the development of key music teaching methodologies used in music education and being concentrated on the theories of famous musicians.

Music teaching and learning involves the study of basic music components such as rhythms and notes; from previous centuries such study was based on the examination of outstanding musicians’ manners of music performing. It should be stressed that jazz music is rich in talented masters of musical art.

The main design of the proposed research is based on jazz bands motifs as much proposed influential elements as possible on jazz music, and their analysis against the most common features. The methodology will be in analyzing as much sources as possible using online databases to form a list of parameters, such as American jazz motives, internal migration, musical figures, notable musicians, existing styles and etc.

The survey can be sent to different musical and historical institutions. The received answers combined with the primary procedure can be analyzed in order to obtain three most important elements-parameters. Jazz music education report will help to analyze the flow of history and basic methodologies in music studies used by state music institutions.


The study of music education history devoted to the theme “History of Community Jazz Bands in Floridoniaville city” will provide thorough analysis of jazz bands in the particular city in different epochs of historical development.

The research will be focused on primary and secondary sources analysis allowing determining the significance of historical facts described in the paper. Besides, methodologies and descriptive and qualitative methods will help to form a strong ground for further researches of jazz bands education in many other places.

The problems may be connected with the analysis of jazz compositions from early history of jazz education development; though the study will provide a sufficient outcome for modern education system disclosing the methods of music teaching and understanding.

The paper will be a significant contribution to the sphere of modern music sphere giving an opportunity to study the most prominent musicians and stages in music education and evaluate prints left by the history.


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History of Community Jazz Bands in Floridoniaville City
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