Violence and Society. Criminal and Delinquent Behavior

In the sociological context, crime can actually be defined as the breach of the rule of law. The governing authority, such as the state, can impose punishment on the perpetrators of such acts. This is usually done with the intention of correcting such persons and also serving as an example to the rest of society. Delinquent behavior, on the other hand, means the tendency to be negligent and not caring; these tendencies, unfortunately, end up being emulated by others either intentionally or unintentionally. Youths, in particular, are victims as they sometimes do identify themselves with those who influence behavior and at times negatively, and this is what actually constitutes delinquency.

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Self-regulation serves as a resiliency factor in protecting the youths from negative influences of peer deviance in the early middle to late adolescence. The interactive events between peer deviance and self-regulation are so great that they should not at all be taken for granted. Resilience, as defined within this context, mainly entails staying away from those that we think will affect our behaviors negatively. Youths do this so as to continue nurturing their good behavior while at the same time avoiding bad behavior completely. Researches show that although such children may grow well with all the good manners, they may end up with some other deficiencies due to such upbringing (Brame & Smith, 1994).

Such culling tendencies lead to very poor social development skills in the youth. I tend to think that these youth should be left to interact freely with their age mates so as to improve on their social skills. They should be able to choose their friends on their own based on their likes and dislikes. This makes them not only develop their social skills but also be able to make the right judgments based on certain criteria. Otherwise, the opposite will only serve to make the youth be antisocial. Antisocialism thus is partly aided by resiliency, so in as much as we would want our youths to behave in such and such a manner, we should put in lace good or rather efficient reinforces to encourage and discourage good and bad behaviors respectively.

In summary, both resilience and antisocial behavior serve to cull a certain group of people from the rest, which is not advisable anyway.

Sexual assault cases and rape, in particular, are most often committed under the influence of drugs. The effects of the use of drugs on assault cases are so severe that the victims often end up being much traumatized (Brame & Smith, 1994). These drugs may either be induced by the perpetrators of the assault, or the victims just abuse drugs and then later end up being molested under the influence of such drugs (James & Patricia 2003). The most commonly used drug is alcohol; in fact, there has been a rapid increase in sexual assaults involving the use of alcohol as the perpetrators still continue to come up with very dangerous and more severe ways to sedate the victims.

In most cases where drugs have been used to facilitate rape, the perpetrator of the assault often slips the drug into the thevictim’ss drink. Once the victim is sedated, it falls prey to the perpetrator, who ends up assaulting him/her. These drugs are produced in colorless, odorless, and tasteless forms, and they dissolve very fast. The victims often ingest the drugs unknowingly because they have no clue of what is happening.

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When drugs are used with alcohol, they result in loss of consciousness and the ability to consent or not to consent. When alcohol is taken with these drugs, their effects are extremely enhanced. Perhaps the worst part about the whole of this assaulting process is that when the victims are sedated, they often do not remember the assault itself and may end up not reporting because you don’t report what you don’t know or have not seen clearly.

The implication is that, at times, the perpetrators of sexual offenses often go unnoticed and still continue to commit such acts elsewhere. Now that is just one part of the whole process where the victim is secretly sedated by the perpetrators of such acts. The other case, though is where the victims use these drugs knowingly and end up being assaulted sexually. They only use such drugs for their varied reasons but only end up in the wrong hands and are molested.

This is very common, for instance, with those who go to drinking places unaccompanied and then end up drinking too much alcohol. With nobody to take care of them, they fall prey to the perpetrators of sexual assault. Both these cases point to the role played by alcohol in sex assault cases.

The perpetrators of the offense often take advantage of the victims’’ incapacitation to molest them. Sadly the fact that at times the victims cannot even recall that they were assaulted, leave alone who assaulted them (Monroe, 1961). If people can use whichever drugs they are using responsively, then we would minimize cases of sex assault, and for the perpetrators, I think that stern actions should be taken against anyone caught or rather convicted of having committed such crimes.

A good number of newsrooms worldwide have increasingly become breeding grounds for drunk murderers and gun-wielding child molesters. The ever-increasing toll of violent crimes committed by journalists has led to some experts warning that without programs for intensive mental health care, the United States of America faces a potential bloodbath at the hands of psychopathic media vets. There are several journalism-related crimes such as child molestation, child pornography, and the internet stalking of minors. Minors are stalked over the internet as they end up reading pornographic materials posted by these journalists.

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Some minors end up being ferried elsewhere and are often led to talking part in pornographic movies or even engaging in prostitution at a very tender age. Child molestation per se is to a large extent committed on many different fronts, speak of stalking and child pornography, and it just becomes too much. Both child stalking and child pornography end up eroding the good morals in our young ones. Stalking denies these children privacy; when they are being followed up everywhere for whichever reason, they become frustrated. Journalists have already done bad things to the young ones, and child stalking infringes so much on the rights of the children, which actually amounts to child molestation.

Psychopaths, on the other hand, are extremely worrying. There is nothing as worrying as the ego being unable to mediate between the id and the superego. Such people are extremely antisocial and most often with extraordinary sexual desires (Otto & Heilbrun,2002).

Children born with such parents run the risk of also being psychopathic due to poor parenting and poor role modeling. Worse still, it is such parents that unfortunately end up raping their children. When such people make bad use of the internet, they often lure young children into pornography. Thus we are at high risk with our children when society is full of such people with perverted minds. Journalists in particular play a very big role in the development of children because they write almost all the information that our children read.

As a society, we have to make very good decisions and put the rightful minds in the media industry, or else we will end up with a perverted society.

I am very worried for my society, especially when talking about drugs and sexual assault and stalking, psychopathy, and child molestation. I will first though start by discussing why I fear for my community when I hear of drugs and sexual assault. Some drugs have very severe sedative effects and can even lead to death (Tatum, 1996). The people who use these drugs on others at times even have no knowledge of the dosage, and this can damage one’s mental stability completely.

There are so many sexually transmitted diseases today, and when you are raped, for instance, with someone having the deadly H.I.V virus, then you are very likely to get infected, especially if the perpetrator doesn’t use a protective which is always the case anyway. In forced vaginal penetration, cuts and other injuries often occur. Forced sex in adolescence does, in fact increase the likelihood of engaging in unprotected sex or even engaging in group sex later on in the course of their lifetime. In more severe or rather extreme cases, such people often end up engaging in prostitution and substance abuse. Lastly, rape victims suffer from trauma, and this makes their mental development slow down especially the young adolescents.

The concept of the determination of insanity is complex basing on the ideas that the state of the mind of any accused person cannot be determiner solely by his or her action and one has to undergo through some serious of procedures to clarify

this which is usually a difficult scene. In the sociological context, crime can actually be defined as the breach of a rule of law. The governing authority such as the state can impose punishment on the perpetrators of such acts. This is usually done with the intention of correcting such persons and also serving as an example to the rest of the society. What has to be focused more on this account will be whether there is a possibility of faced symptoms by the defendant (James& Patricia, 2003).

The forensic psychologist has to totally establish this by carrying out proficient examination on to the matter at hand. It is from the various series of tests that have been performed by a forensic psychologist that he is able to determine clearly the situation.With increased sophistication and challenges, there has to be various evidential links from the forensic psychologist and other sources like that from the police so as to establish the various ascents of validity (Tatum, 1996).

They are not likely to develop fully into well reasoning adults the way they could have if theyhadn’tt been raped. This has a very negative effect on the development of the society. The other factor that I fear is stalking, psychopathy, and child molestation which if not well checked and contained will completely erode the morals out of our adolescents who are the future stakeholders of our society. When the journalists are given a chance to pervert the society, the effects are unbearable. When they are given the chance to stalk, they follow these children everywhere, teaching them all the bad manners and even sexually molest them.

Psychopathy in particular is something that must just be contained, or else a generation that cannot control the id will never get anywhere near morality. Otherwise if child molestation and sexual assault if not checked, is very detrimental to our well being. The government therefore should put in the rightful regulations in place to protect our children as the parents also play theirs. In so doing, we will be able to have the best generation we can ever think of.


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Violence and Society. Criminal and Delinquent Behavior
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