Posted on June 11th, 2008

theses in TheologyIf you have chosen Theology as a research area for your undergraduate thesis, the article given can be helpful for you. A list of possible problems to consider in your thesis is presented here. So, you can choose one of them for writing your thesis in Theology or you may investigate them altogether.

  • The importance of being knowledgeable in the field of Theology. Every man is a social being who has to obey the rules of society and heaven. Being aware of the main notions of Theology will help everyone realize the importance of being kind to each other. Discuss it in your theses in Theology, giving your own reasons for that;
  • The Christianity ideology. You can hardly find a person who does not know what the Christian ideology consists in. Just find out what other people say about it and present different points of view on it in your thesis in Theology;
  • The role of mankind in the universe. People’s presence on the Earth is not occasional. Some experts believe that people were sent to enlarge the existing universal love by loving about each other. Think over this problem and present the results of your analysis in your thesis in Theology;
  • Jesus Christ – the embodied Lord. There are people who do not believe that Jesus Christ existed. Moreover, many people do not believe that He was the real Lord. Speculate about it in your theses in Theology. To oppose this statement, you may discuss the book “Code da Vinci” by Den Brown, where the author denies Jesus as the Lord and strongly argues that he was a usual man, just a leader by his nature.

Remember, your thesis in Theology should be made in correspondence with all requirements set for a thesis. Structure your thesis in Theology, format it and do not forget to edit. Your key success will be unique information presented in your thesis in Theology.
Of course, you will have to show your best during your thesis defense.
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