Anticipating some Dissertation Defense Questions

Anticipating some Dissertation Defense Questions

When we are preparing for our dissertation defense, we all wonder what dissertation defense questions we will have to answer. Some of us would give anything away just to get the list of these dissertation defense questions.

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Unfortunately, nobody can help you with that. The only thing we can do is to try to anticipate some of them. Here are several possible dissertation defense questions and answers:

What are the objectives of your research?

Your answer to the dissertation defense question will depend on the issue you are exploring and research you are conducting.

What is the significance of the issue for our modern society?

Your answer to this dissertation defense question should be prepared in advance, since this is not easy to answer it right away. You should think about the benefits that our society can get out of your dissertation project research.

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What sources have you incorporated into your dissertation?

Your answer to the dissertation defense question will be based on this list of source reflected on the Reference page. Do not forget that these sources serve as the evidence of your deep research, so name as many sources as possible (even if you have to learn them by heart).

Could you interpret the outcomes of research in your own words, summarizing and outlining the most valid ones?

This is one more complicated dissertation defense question that requires some time to think. But you will not waste committee’s time thinking – you will have the answer to this dissertation defense question prepared, impressing and surprising your examiners with your confidence.

Life is full of surprises, so you do not need to know all the dissertation defense questions, right?!

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