Leadership Thesis

Leadership Thesis

The issue of leadership is one of the most popular topics to discuss today. We often use this word in our speeches and presentations. But do we really understand what stands behind this word? Moreover, if you have to write a Leadership thesis, you are to be an expert in leadership theories of modern time.

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What is the role of a leader today? What are the latest motivation theories used by Human Resources managers of various companies? These are some of the questions that your Leadership thesis might address.

Contents of a Leadership thesis:

  • Depending on the chosen topic of your Leadership thesis, you should start your work by presenting your theme and justifying its practical and appealing nature.
  • Your Leadership thesis statement has to be written after the brief introduction of the topic. The primary aim of the Leadership thesis statement is to identify the issue that will be investigated in your paper.
  • Moving on to the body of your Leadership thesis, you are to support your thesis statement with strong arguments, such as examples, stories and other data drawn from the reliable sources of information.
  • It is strongly recommended to support your Leadership thesis statement with one of the existing leadership theories. In particular, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, McClelland theory of needs, Hertzberg’s two factor theory, McGregor X/Y theory, Equity or Expectancy theories will provide you with a great variety of arguments for your Leadership thesis.
  • Finally, any good paper ends with the summary of student’s main ideas and restatement of your thesis statement.

Writing a Leadership thesis may even change your vision of life and deepen your understanding of leadership.