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A thesis statement is the last sentence in your introduction part. It summarizes the main idea of your paper. By reading your thesis statement, the reader should get an idea of what your paper will be about. Later, in your paper, you should prove your thesis statement and give more details about it.

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Thesis Statement: How to Make?

The thesis statement is a part of every paper. Whether you’re writing a thesis for a persuasive essay, narrative essay, expository essay, or even a research paper, it should:

  • State your point of view,
  • Be the last sentence of your introduction paragraph,
  • Tell the reader what they can expect from your writing,
  • Make a debatable statement,
  • Explore the topic of your essay.

Informative/Explanatory Thesis

In an informative or explanatory essay, you need to explain some interpretation of an event or a situation. You don’t need to base it on your opinion but facts. Don’t forget to include a thesis in your outline. So, to formulate an effective explanatory thesis, think of a fact that proves the interpretation.

Explanatory Thesis Formula

You may be wondering how to write a good and strong explanatory thesis statement. Here’s is the thesis formula you need:

  • a topic
  • a conclusion
  • a couple of key arguments

Think of a conclusion to the given topic and support it with an argument.

Explanatory Thesis Examples

Let’s take a look at explanatory thesis examples.

Bad examples Good examples
Global warming is bad for the environment. Global warming is harmful to the planet because it causes climate change and a lot of other issues.
Eating disorders are harmful. Eating disorders are dangerous as they cause a lot of damage to your health.

Argumentative Thesis

In an argumentative essay, you need to argue that your point is correct. You need to provide facts and evidence rather than your own opinion. So, an argumentative thesis should make sense, be based on evidence, be convincing, and be open to discussion.

Argumentative Thesis Formula

So, the argumentative essay thesis statement’s template is:

  • the topic
  • the conclusion
  • 1 or 2 key arguments both for and against your conclusion

Since you need to persuade your reader in the argumentative essay, it is fair to state an argument against your point too.

Argumentative Thesis Examples

Bad examples Good examples
Animal testing should be prohibited. Although animal testing contributes to research, it violates animals’ rights, thus should be prohibited.
People shouldn’t have guns. Although guns can serve as protection, people shouldn’t have a right to have guns because it can prevent many deaths.

Analytical Thesis

An analytical essay is an essay where you need to analyze something. So, an analytical thesis should be an answer to how and why something does what it does. Once again, you need to state a claim that you will be proving later in your paper.

Analytical Thesis Formula

The analytical thesis formula consists of:

  • a topic
  • key issues under analysis
  • a conclusion

So, state your topic conclusion and prove it by explaining why you believe your point is correct. You need to prove your analysis by proving evidence.

Analytical Thesis Examples

Bad examples Good examples
Social media has a significant impact on teenagers. Social media affects teenagers by increasing dissatisfaction and isolation.
School uniform is beneficial for students’ performance at school. School uniform is beneficial because it erases the class difference between students and increases their focus.

Compare & Contrast Thesis

Compare and contrast essay is a type of essay where you need to explain the similarities and differences between two things. It can be two different books, people, etc. So, compare and contrast thesis should state the result of this comparison.

Compare & Contrast Thesis Formula

Compare and contrast thesis also has a thesis formula:

  • two issues
  • your stance
  • a couple of key differences or similarities

So, mention the two things that you compare and contrast. Then write if they are similar or different. Lastly, write down the similarities or differences.

Compare & Contrast Thesis Examples

Bad examples Good examples
Living on campus and living off-campus are different. Living on campus is different from living off-campus because you’ll have to take care of many things yourself if you live off-campus.
Working for someone is more tiring than being a freelancer. Being employed in a company is different from freelancing because freelancers can set their working hours and conditions.

Thesis Statement Checklist

After writing your thesis, you might be asking yourself if your thesis is good enough. Here’s a checklist for you to find out!

  • Is my thesis concrete enough?

Did you provide clear definitions? Remember to provide your reader with a specific point, so avoid using random general words.

  • Does my thesis have an answer to the given question?

Every essay should be answering a question. Although the topic of your essay might not be a literal question, it always implies one. So, it would help if you answered this question in your thesis.

  • Do I prove my thesis statement in my essay?

Your thesis statement provides the main point of your essay. So, your body part should be connected to your thesis statement.

  • Does my thesis explain my point?

If your thesis doesn’t provide specific explanations and reasons, it might not be strong enough.

  • Is my thesis debatable?

Your thesis shouldn’t be a summary. It needs to make people either agree or disagree with you.

  • Is my thesis clear enough?

If your thesis is not clear and doesn’t state a specific point, your reader might not understand the meaning and the reason you wrote your essay.

Thesis Generator: FAQ

A good thesis statement shouldn’t be complex but specific, clear, and debatable. By reading your thesis, your reader can get an understanding of what your paper will be about. So, you need to state the main point of your essay in your thesis statement.

The conclusion part includes a restated thesis statement. To rephrase your thesis, you need to state your idea again using different words and a structure.

The thesis statement serves as a summary of your essay. Since the thesis is the last sentence of your introduction, it provides your reader with the main idea about your paper.

The thesis statement tells your reader the main point of your paper, so it should be located at the end of the introduction part. You can also rephrase your thesis statement in the conclusion part.