YourDissertation Academic Honesty Policy

The aim of is to offer our customers quality products and services for their work and studies.

  • The use of the services provided by is mostly unrestricted, however, we do insist that all users exercise wisdom and uphold moral and educational standards.
  • Our intention is to lead in academic and educational services by ensuring that customers comprehend the proper, lawful, and ethical manners of using our offerings.
  • We believe that if used correctly, can significantly alleviate your academic load.

This Academic Honesty Policy is intended to guide our customers in their use of our services, ensuring they understand the correct usage of products. The purpose of this policy is to define and clarify the standards of academic integrity in relation to the use of sample papers and editing services. This policy ensures that all students understand the implications of academic dishonesty and the consequences of breaching these ethical standards.

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic integrity is a fundamental value of our website. Any form of academic dishonesty, including the improper use of sample papers, is considered a serious violation of this value.

  1. Use of Sample Papers: Sample papers should be used as a reference or a learning tool to understand the structure, style, and content of academic writing. They should not be copied or paraphrased without proper citation.
  2. Plagiarism: Copying content from sample papers and presenting it as one’s own constitutes plagiarism. This includes using the ideas, arguments, data, or language from sample papers without proper acknowledgement or citation.
  3. Fraudulent Submission: Submitting a sample paper as your own work is strictly prohibited. This includes altering minor details of a sample paper and presenting it as original work.

Academic Dishonesty Prevention

To prevent academic dishonesty, our clients are advised to:

  1. Understand and follow the standards of academic integrity.
  2. Use sample papers as a guide, not as a source.
  3. Properly cite all sources, including sample papers.

This policy is in place to uphold the standards of academic integrity and to ensure a fair and equal learning environment for all students and researchers. We expect all our users to adhere to these standards and to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.