Writing a Dissertation on Bollywood

Writing a Dissertation on Bollywood

I guess the phenomenon of Bollywood is known all over the world. Perhaps, it is the same popular as Hollywood itself. By the way, Bollywood is a mixture of the words Hollywood and Bombay. Some people misunderstand the word and consider Bollywood to be the whole cinema industry in India. However, it is only a part of it.

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Anyway, if you need to write a dissertation about India or cinema industry, this seems to be an amazing topic. If you need some information for your dissertation, you will find it below.

  • You can start your custom dissertation with the history of Bollywood. The first silent film made was called Raja Harishchandra and it was produced in 1913. The first sound film, Alam Ara, was made in 1931 and it was a real shock for everybody. By the way, 1930s was the period of a movie boom in India.
  • In your dissertation you can tell about the genres common for Bollywood. Mostly, all the Indian movies are musicals and show a lot of dance and songs. Actually, the success of a movie directly depends on the quality of the songs and dances and their amount in a film.
  • It should be mentioned in your dissertation that Indian film industry is the largest in the world. Bollywood produces nearly 800 films annually. It is not surprising that its popularity grew very quickly all over the world. In your dissertation you can investigate the popularity of the Indian films in particular regions of the world. For instance, Indian movies are very popular in Asia and Pakistan particularly. Bollywood also was extremely popular in the Soviet Union and the movies were shown in the prominent theatres.

There are a lot of other aspects to be covered in your dissertation on Bollywood. In some chapters of your dissertation you can investigate the issues of advertising, songs and dances, finances and so on. So, I hope you like this topic for your dissertation and your work will be interesting.