Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation Abstract

It is amazing how a small piece of writing that the dissertation abstract is becomes a true problem even for experienced writers. The problem is in specifics of this writing. The dissertation abstract, or executive summary, how it is also called, is a brief summary of the entire dissertation. It goes right after all introductory pages – Table of Contents, Copyright Page and Acknowledgments page. It is usually up to 300 words long, so you can figure out how hard it can be to squish a huge dissertation into a small dissertation abstract. If you ever read «The Lord of the Rings”, then you can realize the tragedy if you think of how to summarize the book in a couple paragraphs.

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The work on dissertation abstracts should begin only after completing, editing and proofreading the entire dissertation. By this time something will certainly stay in memory, and you will be able to say, which parts of your academic paper are worth talking about in an executive summary.

The introductory paragraph of the dissertation abstract should present not only the main problem of your research, but its importance for the field of study, as well. By the way, here you can note – is your research applicable for the entire branch of knowledge, or is it specific.

Introduce the ways you solved the problem. Give a brief overview of those methods that proved to be most effective. Share your own theoretical framework briefly, and underline the basic steps of some models of investigation.

After the methodology was described, proceed to stating the results of dissertation writing. Be logical. Instead of a vague language say clearly what was achieved while researching. Learn to operate with facts and numbers and make them work on you.

Finish a dissertation abstract with a symbolic conclusion – suggest how your research will impact science.

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