First Dissertation Draft

First Dissertation Draft

Some students are convinced that the first dissertation rough draft is actually the final stage of writing this paper. You should keep in mind that the main purpose of this dissertation rough draft is only to reflect all your ideas on paper. You are not expected to produce a perfect dissertation rough draft that can be submitted as the final version of your dissertation paper. On the contrary, your first dissertation draft should be filled with as much relevant information as possible, it might be somewhat disorganized or chaotic- this is still ok, as long as you continue working on improving your paper in the next stage.

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Here is some advice for you on how to write the first dissertation draft that will be almost perfect:

  • Think about your target audience. Who are they: your teacher, your classmates or your community?
  • Create an outline before you start writing your first dissertation draft. This will make your task easier, since you will have a so-called “plan of actions” in front of you.
  • Follow the outline you have set for yourself. Still you should be open to any alternative options as for organizing your first dissertation draft.
  • Divide your dissertation draft’s body into separate sections, each presenting a new idea or point. This way you will not be repeating the same thing over and over again.
  • Do not forget to include an introduction and a conclusion into your dissertation draft. This is sometimes easier to start with writing a dissertation draft body, but make sure you do not leave out an introduction and a conclusion.

So, after you are done writing your first dissertation draft, you can hand it in to your examiner and get ready to revise it, at least one more time.

There is always place for improvement even when your final dissertation draft seems to be perfect.