A Research Paper Abstract: Completing the Easiest Part

A Research Paper Abstract: Completing the Easiest Part

Definitely, compared to the whole research paper or even some of its parts, a research paper abstract can be called the easiest one. However, if you do not know some peculiarities of making research paper abstracts, you will fail to prepare this short and easy part of your project.

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So, let our writers explain you the essentials of writing research paper abstracts.

What is the purpose of a research paper abstract?

Basically, you write it for the reader. What if your project is not what they are looking for and are interested in? The reader wants to know this before reading the whole paper. So, a research paper abstract is the first thing he/she will read.

How to write an effective research paper abstract

Your major task right now is to make a summary of your paper and introduce its most important points. Mind that research paper abstracts are usually prepared after the rest of the paper is completed. It is quite logical, since you cannot make a summary of a paper that is not written yet.

An effective research paper abstract should include the following elements:

  • A summary of your hypothesis;
  • A summary of research methods;
  • A conclusion.

What are some peculiarities of writing a research paper abstract?

The size of a research paper abstract is its main peculiarity. As a rule, research paper abstracts should not exceed the limit of 200 words. It is not much indeed, and you will have to think over each word to be included.

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We recommend you write the above-mentioned elements of a research paper abstract in one or two sentences.

Do not hesitate to visit our weblog if you have doubts about some other parts of a research paper. Right now, you can get more details about making a research paper introduction and research paper title page.