A Thesis Statement: Winning Strategies to Make It Effective

A Thesis Statement: Winning Strategies to Make It Effective

Although essays and other types of written assignments are something that students make on a regular basis, creating strong thesis statements is one of the weak points of many students. Ineffective thesis statements are also one of the reasons why grades on papers are reduced.

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We suppose it is high time to stop making weak thesis statements and learn some simple strategies on how to cope with this task successfully.

First, let us check whether you know what a thesis statement is all about.

The definition of a thesis statement

It is a sentence (or two) that reflects the purpose of writing a paper and highlights its main points.

The main characteristics of strong thesis statements

Each time when you try to make a thesis statement, make sure it fits the following characteristics.

  • It is your assertion and not a fact that you state;
  • It expresses your position on a subject;
  • It is narrow and specific;
  • It introduces one or two main points of your work.

The right place for thesis statements

A thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph of your paper. First, you make a “hook” – an attention-grabbing first sentence. After that, you make a lead-in sentence – something like a brief introduction to the topic of your paper. Finally, you write a thesis statement that highlights the main points you are going to make.

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The right time to make a thesis statement

Some students make it at the very beginning of their work. Others do it when their paper is finished and you know what significant points were introduced. We recommend you try both ways and decide which one suits you best.

So, good luck!