About Thesis and Dissertation Extension

About Thesis and Dissertation Extension

Well, let us guess what brought you here. Actually, we have two possible answers:

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  1. You have technical problems with your thesis/dissertation, and this means you are not able to submit it by the deadline;
  2. You lack sources to complete your thesis/dissertation on time.

Of course, there might be many other reasons why you fail to meet the deadline. The most important thing is that you desperately need to know whether you can get thesis or dissertation extension now.

Thesis extension is very difficult to get. However, sometimes situations are really serious, which means you have a chance to get dissertation or thesis extension.

The first step you need to take in order to get dissertation/thesis extension is to tell your thesis or dissertation advisor about the problem. Your advisor should send a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies. This letter should include the following information:

  • Current status of your dissertation/thesis
    In this part of the letter, your advisor should briefly tell what is completed and what is still to be done. Here, approximate time needed to finish the project should be specified.
  • Reasons why you cannot meet the deadline
    In this part of the letter, clear explanations why you fail to meet the deadline should be presented.
  • Letter informing on the expected date of submission
    This letter will be handed to the Dean of Graduate Studies. He/she will have to make the final decision whether to grant you thesis/dissertation extension or not. The Dean of Graduate Studies will also have to decide for how long to grant you dissertation/thesis extension.

The information presented above will help you get thesis/dissertation extension. Good luck!

After you get dissertation extension, you will probably have to think of preparing for your dissertation defense. Use our tips for preparing the dissertation defense.

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