Coursework Questions for your Tutor

Coursework Questions for your Tutor

Definitely, coursework questions can be interpreted in many ways. Still, in this article we are going to discus one of the possible ways of such interpretation. Let us talk about coursework questions for your tutor. I mean those questions that you can ask the tutor and get precise coursework answers.

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There are students who are shy to ask some additional courseworks questions. They may think “My tutor has already given all the possible instructions on writing the coursework. Probably, he/she will think I am stupid if I ask something more”.

You know, this is the most ridiculous thing you can do. Your tutor is there to help you. He/she is always ready to answer all the coursework questions. If you have any doubts as to writing your paper, it is better to sort everything out straight away. If you do not ask additional coursework questions, it will lead to poor results. You know what your tutor will think in that case “I gave all the recommendations and this student cannot follow even the detailed instructions. Is he/she so silly?”

Say you need to write a math coursework. You are not very good at Math and you have hundreds of courseworks questions. Even if your tutor explained you everything, this may be not enough for you. What are these coursework questions that you can ask?

  • Where can I find some additional materials on the topic?
  • I have problems like this, that and that, so can you recommend me some strategies of coping with my problems?
  • Can the topic of my paper be changed somehow into a less difficult one?

So, if you do not want to fail your assignment, do not hesitate to ask coursework questions. What is more, you can improve your knowledge if you ask extra coursework questions.