Essays on Emmett Till: a Story of an African American Boy

Essays on Emmett Till: a Story of an African American Boy

Sure, it is not just a story. It is one of the most terrible stories and accidents that happened during the era of lynching, Jim Crow laws, and the Civil Rights Movement. The murder of the 14-year-old African American boy was the main tragedy of the 1950s, which had a tremendous impact on the further development of American history.

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This event is going to be the main idea of your next written assignment. Have you already decided how to write your essay on Emmett Till? What will you include in your paper? Below, we have listed several points to be discussed in essays on Emmett Till.

Background information

Your essay on Emmett Till can start with general background details about the situation and period when it all happened. The tragedy of Emmett Till happened in 1955. At this time, the Civil Rights Movement was just in its early stages. Thus, in your essay on Emmett Till, describe the relations between white and black Americans.

Then, pass to the details of Emmett Till’s story. In August 1955, Emmett went to a small town in Mississippi to visit his uncle. Tell in your essay on Emmett Till what this town was like.

The tragedy

Now, in the essay on Emmett Till, provide details about the tragedy itself. What did Emmett do that caused such negative reaction of white citizens of the small town Money? How did they punish Emmett?


It is extremely important to explain in your essay on Emmett Till the meaning and significance of that incident. What lessons should be learned from the story? How did it affect the development of the Civil Rights Movement? For instance, in the essay on Emmett Till you can mention that several months after the tragedy Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man in a bus.

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