Film Studies Dissertation Writing Tips

Film Studies Dissertation Writing Tips

Do you have a favorite movie? Is it an action, a thriller, or a romance? What is the central story of this movie? What do you think about when watching this movie?

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If movies mean more than just fun and an evening out with your friends, probably cinematography is your calling. So, you made the right choice if you signed up for writing a film studies dissertation. What you need now is just a useful piece of advice on how to write a dissertation or thesis on film studies.

Choose a topic by yourself

It is better to choose a topic you are interested in, not your supervisor (if you are free to choose, naturally). Advice from your supervisor is really significant and valuable, but you have to write the film studies dissertation, not your supervisor. So, know what you are capable of and choose a topic in correspondence with your knowledge and abilities if you want to create a worthwhile film study dissertation.

Mind the availability of sources

A topic can be interesting to you as well as to the reader, but you may lack sources to cover it to its full extent. This can be a real challenge. In this case, you might even have to change your topic. We advise you choose some recently released film to consider in the dissertation/thesis on film studies. Audience is always interested in such movies, so, you can find many responses on it.

Be devoted to your topic

A thesis or dissertation on film studies requires not only knowledge of film theory but also your personal devotion. After all, if you are not interested and devoted to the topic of your film studies dissertation, you will lose motivation very soon, which may lead to failure.

Probably, information about a dissertation database and dissertation defense presentation will also be interesting to you.

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