Free Architecture Dissertation Topics

Free Architecture Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation in architecture can be interesting if you choose the right topic. Architecture, like any other kind of art, covers a lot of interesting things that a student can investigate in his/her architecture dissertation. So, you will not experience lack of architecture dissertation ideas. You just need to choose the most appropriate ones for writing a dissertation.

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The first thing you should do, when choosing architecture dissertation topics, is to think about a certain period in architecture. You have to define whether you want to write your architecture dissertation on ancient architecture, architecture of the 18th century, modern one or any other period.

Anyway, this article is designed to provide you with several architecture dissertation topics. So, maybe, you will find something interesting for your dissertation work in the list below.

  • Interconnection between technology and architecture. Your dissertation in architecture will investigate the development of technologies in different historical periods and their influence on architecture.
  • Peculiarities of constructing concert halls. You will have to explain some specific aspects of building concert halls. Besides, in your dissertation in architecture you can make some new suggestions on the constructions.
  • Modern architecture – new tendencies. In your architecture dissertation on this topic you can introduce your own project, carried out according to the latest trends in architecture.
  • Analyzing French architecture of the 18th century.
  • Environmental aspects in different architectural projects.
  • Interrelationship between architectural traditions and society.
  • Impact of landscape on the composition and style of the works of architecture.
  • Architectural peculiarities of the Roman and Greek theatres.

Now you can easily choose a topic for your dissertation in architecture according to your preferences.