Free Ideas for Theology Dissertations

Free Ideas for Theology Dissertations

If you have signed up for writing a Theology dissertation, be ready to accomplish a difficult and time-consuming task. Theology dissertations are not just long essays that require only philosophical thinking. You will have to be a philosopher, researcher, and theologian at the same time.

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However, this should not scare you. If you make the right choice of a topic for your Theology dissertation, you will easily cope with the task.

What does “the right choice” mean in this case? Actually, it means that you will choose a topic that is interesting to investigate and is of scientific importance.

Below, you will find several ideas that can be considered in Theology dissertations.

  1. Christian Mysticism
    A Theology dissertation devoted to this topic will aim to consider:
    • Ancient Christian Gnosticism;
    • Orthodox Christian mysticism;
    • European mystic brotherhoods.

To develop this idea in your Theology dissertation properly, use works of Jakob Bohme, Jan van Ruysbroek, and Heinrich Seuse.

  1. Interpretation of the Apocalypse
    One of the most controversial and debatable topics in Christianity is the Apocalypse. If you decide to reveal its secrets in your Theology dissertation, you will have a very serious mission. Far not every theologian or priest can interpret the Apocalypse correctly. Still, you can make an attempt to explain St. Peter’s message in your Theology dissertation.
  1. Early Christian Heresies
    If you are more interested in history, a Theology dissertation about early Christian heresies is just for you. You may consider the following societies and brotherhoods in your Theology dissertation:
    • The Arian heresy;
    • Nestorianism;
    • Monophysitism.

All these societies were condemned by the Christian Church. Still, do you agree or disagree with the decision of the Christian Church? Investigate the doctrines that each of them preached and discuss them in your Theology dissertation.

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The ideas presented can also be considered from a philosophical perspective if you need to write a dissertation in Philosophy.

Once you finish writing your Theology dissertation, do not hesitate to visit our blog again and read about dissertation editing.