How to Critique Research Papers

How to Critique Research Papers

You are the student and, of course, you face such a task as writing different research papers. You follow different requirements and present your work in the best way you can. In this process you should have both the abilities to write but and the abilities to criticize the work.

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If you are a graduate student, who has already gained enough writing skills, it is very important for you to know the main requirements for the research paper critique.

First of all, you should remember that research paper critique is very helpful and helps to make the project full. It is much easier to complete if you divide the critique into the questions and on your work’s basis try to give the appropriate answers.

So, as for research paper critique we can offer the most frequent points which you should pay attention to:

  1. your research paper critique should start with the title: once your reader notices it, he/she has to have some general ideas of further investigation; and when you finish the paper critique you should come back to the title and compare your ideas and the actual idea of the work;
  2. then your task is to write a thesis of the project considering the introduction part and in the process you should find the ways of its development;
  3. you should stop on the details and facts proposed by the author and prove their reality – the author had to suggest a lot of background materials;
  4. your research paper critique has to have no stylistic, spelling, orthographical and other types of mistakes;
  5. check the correctness of bibliography and its quantity;
  6. pay attention to the usage of citations while writing the research paper critique;
  7. compare the information from the conclusion and introduction – whether the author sticks to the points proposed at the beginning and at the end;

Well, the tasks for research papers critique are not really easy. It is not just reading the paper and expressing your thoughts. You should follow special rules and points, not just present personal attitude.

So, your research paper critique should be understandable, clear, correct and well presented.

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