How to Write a History Senior Thesis

How to Write a History Senior Thesis

During your History classes, you have developed a good understanding of how history works and what its major issues are. Now you want to become a historian working independently. Well, you made the right decision if you signed up for writing a History senior thesis. In this article, you will find useful information on how to write a history thesis.

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Know why you need to write a History thesis

Writing is always a useful experience. While writing the History senior thesis, you learn to express your thoughts, response to the standpoints of different historians, be critical, and work with primary sources. You need this experience to become a real expert in History.

Choose History thesis topics carefully

Choosing History thesis topics is a responsible thing, since your success depends on the chosen topic. Below, you will find several hints for selecting senior History thesis topics. Probably, they will help you get some History thesis ideas.

  1. Brainstorm
    • What were your favorite topics discussed during History classes? Why? Look through your class notes to see whether some issues could be the subject of your History thesis.
    • Have you prepared any History papers you were proud of? Look them through to see whether they could be expanded into your History thesis.
    • What are your favorite history books (either texts or novels)? What is interesting about them most of all?
  2. Pick out a problem that is open to differing interpretations
    • Are you interested in some historical personality? Why? (e.g. Anselm of Bec)
    • Do you know any event that different historians interpret in different ways? (e.g. the Crusades)
  3. Mind the availability of sources
    • Are primary sources available in your university library and in the language you can understand?
    • Are there any adequate and up-to-date secondary sources on the chosen topic?

Formulate a thesis statement clearly

Try to formulate your history thesis statement so that the reader could understand your position. Avoid vagueness and wordiness when developing your History thesis statement.

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