Memory Courseworks: Coming up with an Experiment

Memory Courseworks: Coming up with an Experiment

So, the topic of your next Psychology coursework is memory, and this is great. Memory is one of the most exciting and even mysterious human features. We are sure you will be able to discover a lot of new things or find out something useful that will help to improve your own memory.

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Anyway, it depends on you whether writing memory courseworks will be an exciting and valuable experience or a waste of time. We are here to make your work on the memory coursework a little bit easier and share some ideas with you.

So, what makes a good coursework on memory? Definitely, the answer is “Experiments!” Sure, theory also matters, and the part of courseworks on memory devoted to theoretical issues will be strictly evaluated. Yet, a teacher will be more interested in the experimental section of your coursework on memory, and it is better to invest more efforts into its completion.

If you still have not come up with a good experimentation for your coursework on memory, let us present you a couple of suggestions.

Suggestion 1

Writing a memory game coursework seems to be one of the easiest ways out. As an experiment, you need to make up your own memory game, check how it works, and then describe results in your memory game coursework.

Suggestion 2

Do you have a sibling or, at least, a friend who you know from the early childhood? Then, you may carry out an interesting experiment for your coursework on memory, but it is important that you and another person have different tempers, e.g. you are an extrovert and another person is an introvert.

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Recall an event that you both can remember and describe it. Then, explain in your memory coursework how memory of introverts and extroverts is different.