Thesis in Astronomy: What to Write About

Thesis in Astronomy: What to Write About

One of the fields that you may choose for your undergraduate thesis is Astronomy. Writing a thesis in Astronomy requires being well-informed on the recent discoveries made by scientists.

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Moreover, it is one of the main requirements for a thesis in Astronomy to display your abilities, to understand and to analyze the most up-to-date and relevant sources. That is why this article can be very useful to you, since it reflects the most recent discoveries in the field of Astronomy that can serve you as good thesis ideas.

  • Work of scientists gave the grounds for supposing that a huge meteorite became the cause of the dinosaurs’ extinction. If you research this fact in your theses in Astronomy, you may say that astronomers believe that the smallest elements which every meteorite contains, when a meteorite falls down, break up into millions of small pieces and scatter around. The next thing you can mention in your theses in Astronomy is that the substance escaped is considered to be the cause of the dinosaurs’ extinction 65 million years ago;
  • In the whole world astronomers-amateurs have noticed that Saturn rings are getting narrower. If you decide to investigate this fact in your thesis in Astronomy, you may say that 400 years ago Galilej was first to notice this phenomenon. You may gather enough materials for providing the reasons for this phenomenon in your thesis in Astronomy;
  • In April 25, 2008 the all-time flash of a star occurred. According to the astronomers’ considerations, the smallest and the most grayed out star, called EV Lizard, was the place, where the brightest and the all-time flash took place. Your thesis in Astronomy may inform on the significance of that flash that unleashed a lot of energy.

When writing your theses in Astronomy, your best informer will be the Internet. Just search for the websites where information is frequently updated, and on its basis make a good and a structured analysis of the topic of your thesis in Astronomy.