Research Paper Title: Things You Should Know about It

Research Paper Title: Things You Should Know about It

Do you know what the most boring aspect of writing research papers is? We are talking about the necessity to stick to numerous formal requirements that affect the final grade significantly. Making research paper titles is one of them.

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This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. Particularly, we will focus on some rules of creating a good research paper title and proper research paper title page.

Making research paper titles

A title is the first thing that the reader pays attention to. A research paper title that is unclear or boring creates a negative impression on the reader and brings absolutely no desire to read your work further. Thus, take time to make a creative and an attention-grabbing research paper title that will encourage the reader.

Usually, there are two research paper titles: working and final. Always start with the working research paper title. When your project is ready, think of a catchy final title that will reflect the content of your paper.

Mind that research paper titles can have subtitles. A subtitle is designed to provide more details and explanations about the content.

Making a title page for research papers

We have to tell you straight away that not all research papers require a title page. It depends on the citation style and subject you deal with.

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A title page for a research paper is required if you use APA style. It should be organized as follows:

  • The title of your work in the center of the page;
  • Beneath the title, your name, middle name initials, and the last name;
  • After that, your institutional affiliation.

If you are writing MLA research papers, you do not have to make a title page, at least if your teacher does not ask you to make it. In this case, in the upper left-hand corner of the first page, put your name, name of your instructor, name and number of course, and the date. Then double space and put your research paper title.