Theology Dissertation: Time to Choose a Good Dissertation Topic

Theology Dissertation: Time to Choose a Good Dissertation Topic

Developing a theology dissertation topic often becomes a real stumbling block for students. Let us help you to cope with this task easier. This article offers hints on choosing a theology dissertation topic and a list of sample topic ideas.

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Theology Dissertation: Choosing a Topic

To develop a theology dissertation topic, you need to start from broad and then to go narrower:

  1. First, you need to choose a subject area that seems the most interesting for you and where you have significant background.
  2. After you have come up with a subject area, read sources in this field and pay attention to how writers formulate questions of study.
  3. Make a list of significant issues that are studied in the field that you have chosen. Choose the most interesting one and formulate narrow questions that you would like to answer in your theology dissertation. Develop a theology dissertation topic on their basis.


Make sure that you topic relates to theology, not religious studies, as these two disciplines have different focus.

Theology Dissertation: Topic Ideas

Consider the topics offered below: they may inspire you and awake some dissertation ideas.

  1. Criticism of prosperity gospel
  2. Historical study of views on the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ
  3. How Bible explains why God created evil
  4. Women in the New Testament: How Jesus’s attitude to women differed from general contemporary attitude
  5. Role of prophets in the Bible
  6. Theology as a discipline in the modern Western world
  7. Thomas Aquinas’s view on the nature of the Trinity.