A Thesis Acknowledgement Page: I Want to Thank…

A Thesis Acknowledgement Page: I Want to Thank…

You are going to finish your thesis project soon. Do you think you would be able to finish it without so many people who were by your side? The answer is obvious!

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So, this is high time to thank all of them and write your thesis acknowledgement page. Do you have some doubts on how thesis acknowledgements should be organized? Then let us help you with this part of your project.

What are thesis acknowledgements about?

We are sure you already know the answer. A thesis acknowledgement page is designed to express your gratitude to all people who were somehow important for your research and work.

How to write thesis acknowledgements

You may take the following steps to organize your thesis acknowledgement page properly.

First, put down on paper the names of all people who helped you get through your project. You may include:

  • Your advisor;
  • Committee members;
  • Any faculty member;
  • Librarians;
  • Lab assistants;
  • Family;
  • Friends, etc.

Second, you will have to narrow down this list, since it is not necessary to mention every single person in your thesis acknowledgements. Think about those who contributed to your success greatly.

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Useful phrases for your thesis acknowledgements

You may use the following expressions for writing the thesis acknowledgement page:

  • I want to express my gratitude to…;
  • It is a pleasure for me to thank…;
  • This project would be impossible, etc.

What if your advisor was not helpful?

It happens sometimes that a student chooses a wrong person as an advisor. Yet, an advisor should definitely be mentioned in your thesis acknowledgements. If this is the case, write briefly something like “I want to thank my advisor, Mr/Mrs. X for his/her assistance, support, and advice”.

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