A Dissertation Executive Summary: What It Is and How to Make It

A Dissertation Executive Summary: What It Is and How to Make It

Do you hear about a dissertation executive summary for the first time? Do you have to make one but have no clue what it is about? Then let us explain you something about executive summaries for dissertations.

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Probably, you will be surprised, but a dissertation executive summary means the same as dissertation abstracts. And a dissertation abstract is just a brief summary of your project.

No matter how this part of a dissertation is called, we are going to provide you with necessary details so that you could complete it successfully.

The gist of a dissertation executive summary

You have two important missions when making a dissertation executive summary:

  1. Briefly describe your project and its most important points;
  2. Attract the reader and make him/her read your dissertation.

How long should a dissertation executive summary be?

It should be very brief and specific. As a rule, executive summaries do not exceed a 250-300 word limit.

When a dissertation executive summary should be written?

Better make it after the rest of your project is finished. Thus, you can be sure that none of the significant points will be missed in your dissertation executive summary.

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What particular points should be included into a dissertation executive summary?

Make sure you include the following important points into your summary:

  • an introduction of your area of study and your topic;
  • a statement of the main argument of your project;
  • a few words about methodology and approaches used for researching and analyzing the topic.

Always keep in mind that you do not have too much space. Thus, do not include any excessive details, descriptions, quotations, etc.

If necessary, our writers can explain you several important things about writing a dissertation proposal as well.