A Thesis Report: Formatting Rules to Follow

A Thesis Report: Formatting Rules to Follow

Probably, the first thing you want to sort out is what a thesis report actually is. You will be surprised to find out that a thesis report means the same as a thesis. Yes, you get it right – it is a mere thesis.

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Why is it called a thesis report? Most likely because you need to report what is done and what is found.

So, thesis report writing is a time and efforts consuming process. Sure, talking about it can take several hours or even days, and still you will not figure out all secrets of making excellent thesis reports.

Hope you have time for that. We suggest you start with the main rules of thesis report formatting. Projects like that require strict and very specific organization.

By the way, we should mention that formats of thesis reports might vary from institution to institution. Thus, get guidelines for writing and formatting thesis reports from your college as soon as possible.

Yet, a standard format of thesis reports presupposes sections outlined below.

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  1. Preliminary sections.
    They include a title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, executive summary.
  2. Introduction.
    This is the first chapter of your thesis report, where you introduce a research problem, background info, rationale behind your research, etc.
  3. Literature review.
    This chapter is devoted to literature and research related to the topic studied.
  4. Methodology.
    In this section of your thesis report, describe how research was carried out, specific methods used, etc.
  5. Data presentation and analysis.
    Explain what type of analysis was used to analyze data.
  6. Summary and conclusions.
    Summarize your findings, draw conclusions, and give some recommendations for further research.

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