Dissertation Comparative Analysis: Useful Guidelines on How to Make It

Dissertation Comparative Analysis: Useful Guidelines on How to Make It

Writing a dissertation is about demonstrating your deep knowledge, expertise, and some important skills. Analytical thinking is one of the main skills that every student should possess, especially the one working on a dissertation.

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In this article, we want to talk about a dissertation comparative analysis – one of the methods you can use to do research.

By the way, do you remember writing compare and contrast essays in school? The thing is that making a dissertation comparative analysis is very similar to preparing that kind of essays. Anyway, here are more details for you.

  • What is the gist of the dissertation comparative analysis method?

To put it into simple words, the dissertation comparative analysis method boils down to comparing and contrasting two things: two theories, texts, processes, historical personalities, etc.

  • What difficulties you may face when using the dissertation comparative analysis method?

Sometimes, it seems that two things you need to compare have nothing in common. Thus, it might be rather tricky to come up with some similarities.

Besides, your dissertation comparative analysis should not look like a high school essay that first highlights all features two things have in common and then their differences.

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  • How to make an effective dissertation comparative analysis?

There are two important elements that a successful dissertation comparative analysis should have.

  1. Context. It is a kind of unifying idea for your dissertation comparative analysis. It can be a theory, a problem, a question, etc.
  2. Grounds. It should be clear to the reader why you want to compare two particular things. Therefore, before you start making your dissertation comparative analysis, make sure you can explain your choice.

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