art-critiqueIf the thought of writing an art critique gets you down, this advanced formula is exactly what you need to protect your nervous system. Although artwork critique may sound intimidating, it is much simpler than it sounds. Let’s look at how to critique artworks using this simple formula:
Perfect art critique = description + analysis + interpretation + judgment
Art Critique: Description (what do you see?)
This stage is the easiest one. Just introduce the author, his/her work and describe your first impression. If you see sunflowers and a vase in the painting by Vincent van Gogh “Sunflowers”, state it in your artwork critique. Do not attempt to interpret something, just mention every detail. Don’t be afraid of stating something obvious. At this stage it is really necessary, and your teacher will never exclaim: “Thank you, Captain Obvious”.
These are the questions to guide your description:

  1. Who is the author? What is the title of the artwork? When was it created? Where is it exhibited?
  2. Does the artwork depict something? If yes, what is it? (In fact, in contemporary art the answer is frequently not that obvious.)
  3. What is the main thing you notice when you see the artwork for the first time?
  4. What are the rest of details which seem important as you keep looking at it?

Art Critique: Analysis (what has the artist done?)
At the stage of analysis you need to disclose the artist’s secrets. What has he/she done to impress the audience? These questions will help you:

  1. What materials did the artist use?
  2. How did the artist use the elements of art?
    • colors (complementary, analogous, warm or cool, light or dark, bright or dull);
    • lines (thick or thin, mostly vertical or horizontal, straight or curved, deep or shallow);
    • shape (two-dimensional or three-dimensional, natural or abstract);
    • texture (hard, soft, rough, abstract).
  3. How did the artist use the principles of design?
    • Balance;
    • emphasis;
    • contrast.

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Students are usually asked to write various essays on this or that topic. Certificate in education essays is one of such topics. It depends on a student’s choice what he/she will write about in the certificate in education essays. As a rule, students of education department are given such essays to write. But lots of them find this task rather difficult because there are so many aspects one may dwell upon in his/her certificate in education essay.
Certificate in Education Essays: What Topic to Choose?
There are different issues connected with education which may be described in an essay. Here one can find a topic for the certificate in education essay:

  1. A student may dwell upon the history of the certificate in education, the stages of its development, the figures who have influenced or worked for the benefit of certificate in education.
  2. Certificate in education essay may be dedicated to the course structure. A student may write the information about what kinds of classes are held, the balance of practical and theoretical work, etc.
  3. Another aspect which may be disclosed in the certificate in education essay is the duration of the course.
  4. Among other important things which should be written about in the certificate in education essay are entry requirements.
  5. A student may devote his/her certificate in education essay to the analysis of the certificate of a particular educational establishment.
  6. Another aspect which a student may disclose in the essay is the benefit of the certificate in education.
  7. Of course, a student may choose to write the essay about career prospects of the certificate in education.

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homework assignmentHomework assignments are an integral part of the learning process, whether you like it or no. They help to memorize new material better, to clarify some points that you did not get in class, improve your skills, etc. Yet, as practice show, completing homework assignments is not that easy as it seems at a glance.
The main reason for that boils down not to the extreme level of difficulty of homework assignments or to the number of tasks students have to complete. The main reason is… home setting. Usually, it turns to be too distracting, too relaxing, and too inappropriate for completing homework assignments.
That is exactly why some students end up with searching for homework assignments online. If you do not want to download assignments and want to learn preparing them at home effectively, let us give you some good recommendations.
Recommendation 1
Always start working with looking through homework assignment sheets so that to know for sure what a teacher expects.
Recommendation 2
Take all possible measures to ensure that nothing distracts you from completing your homework assignment. For instance, ask parents to keep your siblings quiet or make a deal that you will do all your house duties at the weekend.
Recommendation 3
Do not try to prepare homework assignments on your bed. It is a sure-fire way to fall asleep. Instead, equip a comfortable working place at your desk.
Recommendation 4
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multi genre essaysIs a multi genre essay a new task for you? Have you never prepared something like a multi genre essay before?
If it is really so, do not panic! Although you may feel confused at the moment, you will cope with this assignment.
We are sure you have a lot of questions about multi genre essays. Thus, let us answer them so that you can get down to work.
What is a genre all about?
Actually, it is one of the basic questions you should answer. What does a “genre” mean when we talk about essays?
To put it in simple words, a genre is a type of writing. There is a great variety of genres or types of writing: advertisements, newspaper articles, illustrations, descriptions, monologues and dialogues, and so on.
What is the gist of a multi genre essay?
When writing a multi genre essay, your mission boils down to disclosing a topic using several genres. In this way, you provide different looks at the topic or ways to view it.
What genres can you use in your multi genre essay?
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naturalistic observation essayWithout proper explanations and instructions, writing naturalistic observation essays might seem rather tricky. However, we are sure that even a brief guide like this article will help you sort out the main principles of making naturalistic observation essays.
Below, we describe the main steps one should take to prepare a good naturalistic observation essay. Before that, let us explain the gist of your task.
Writing a naturalistic observation essay boils down to observing some object or phenomenon in the natural setting, probably for quite a long period. After that, you need to compose an essay based on your observations.
Now, here are particular steps you will have to take to complete your naturalistic observation essay.
Step 1
Your work on the naturalistic observation essay will start with choosing an object. Mind that it should be something from nature, any object or phenomenon. Besides, make sure you have seen this object several times before and will be able to observe it for some time to write your naturalistic observation essay.
Sometimes, teachers allow using photos for the completion of naturalistic observation essays. While it can be a good solution, photos cannot provide a full picture and understanding of the object from nature.
Step 2
So, you have picked an object for your naturalistic observation essay and you are ready to start observing it. Do not hurry! Answer the following questions before writing your naturalistic observation essay:

  • Why is this object important for nature?
  • Can it teach you something about life?
  • What is the object’s habitat?
  • What does it consist of (if anything)?
  • What are its major characteristics?
  • Does it change somehow over time?

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APA format research paperWe know that students usually have a lot of questions about APA format research papers even if they have already completed several projects. Needless to say, guys who have to write research papers in APA format for the first time must be absolutely confused with the great number of rules and requirements they need to stick to.
Yet, you do not have to worry, because in this article you will find answers to some common questions about APA format research papers. Particularly, these are explanations of some typical vague points students have.
How my APA format research paper should look like and be formatted?
APA format research papers look pretty simple. They are typed on a white paper, have a title page and reference page.
Double spacing is used in the text of APA format research papers. If you want to single space something (e.g. a quote or a verse), better consult your instructor.
One-inch margins are used in APA format research papers.
How should I arrange headings in my APA format research paper?
Basically, there are three ways to arrange headings in your paper:

  1. put them in the center of a page;
  2. make underlined headings and put them in the left side of the page;
  3. indent, underline headings.

How should I use figures and tables in my APA format research paper?
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Posted on February 17th, 2009

homework assignmentWe know that many students hate doing their homework assignments. Most of the students really think that teachers are going crazy by giving thousands of tasks. Besides, they do believe this is a simple waste of time.
However, homework assignments are designed for you to learn more material, deepen and expand your knowledge.
Anyway, whether you like it or not, but homework assignments are important for your studies and further progress. Let us give you more explanations.
What is a homework assignment about?
A homework assignment is an out-of-class work that allows you improving your skills or enlarging your knowledge gained in class. There are three types of assignment that you may face:

  • Practice assignment – is designed for you to improve newly acquired skills. For instance, you have learned a new method of solving a mathematical problem. You definitely need to solve similar problems at home.
  • Preparation assignment – this kind of homework assignment helps students get ready for some future classroom activities.
  • Extension assignment – it is a long-term homework assignment that parallels class work.

What is so special about homework assignments?
So, you really cannot understand why homework assignments are important. Well, we can give you one good reason. It is an effective way to develop various skills of yours and increase your chances of making academic achievements. Thus, do not think that using online homework assignments is a good way to complete this task.
Who can help you with homework assignments?
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