Dissertation Defense Preparation: Trying to Sound Persuasive

Dissertation Defense Preparation: Trying to Sound Persuasive

Moral aspect of dissertation defense preparation

Ability to sound persuasive and convince others in validity of one’s assertions is helpful in various life situations. For this reason, thesis defense might become useful experience influencing researcher’s professional and personal development. In reality, conducting a research and completing a report on it might be not that difficult as persuading experts in reliability and significance of the research results. Thus, dissertation defense preparation should not be limited to cramming the research materials, and the importance of moral aspect should not be underestimated.

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A thesis defense resembles a short performance, and it is advisable to conduct a rehearsal during one’s dissertation defense preparation. Making one’s relatives and/or friends the first listeners of one’s defense speech might be helpful for improving the self-presentation skills. During the dissertation defense preparation, an individual should take into consideration the fact that reading the text to oneself is different from presenting it to the audience.

Even the most prominent project can fail in case if the researcher mumbles and/or cannot capture the listeners’ attention. Dissertation defense preparation presupposes improving the person’s oratorical skills and even developing charisma if it is necessary.

Enhancing the effectiveness of the dissertation defense preparation

  1. It is advisable to prepare a thesis speech, not relying on one’s memory and improvisation talent. Dissertation defense preparation requires presenting the speech to a friendly audience several times.
  2. It is important not to go too far, cramming the speech. During the dissertation defense preparation, a student should look through the whole report, getting ready for spontaneous discussion of separate details of the project with the members of the commission.
  3. Trying to predict possible questions of the commission during the dissertation defense preparation, an individual would minimize the risk of the failure.