Columbia University Dissertations: General Guidelines to Consider

Columbia University Dissertations: General Guidelines to Consider

Are you writing a dissertation in Columbia University? Do you want to know more about various rules and requirements that this university has for writing dissertations? Well, we are ready to present you some of them, and in this article, you will find general guidelines for writing Columbia University dissertations.

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However, let us warn you straight away that general guidelines should be just a starting point for you. Requirements for completing Columbia University dissertations vary from school to school, from department to department. That is why you should definitely go to a dissertation office in your particular department and get all specifications there.

Anyway, what follows next are general facts you should know about writing Columbia University dissertations.

Starting off

Your work on the Columbia University dissertation will start with finding a sponsor of your project. In other words, this sponsor can be defined as an advisor. This person will guide your research and will participate in the dissertation defense. Usually, sponsors are appointed, but sometimes it is a students’ responsibility to find sponsors of their projects.

Writing Columbia University dissertation proposals

Making a proposal is a typical practice almost in any institution, and Columbia University is not an exception. However, there is one interesting thing you should know. You will have an opportunity to discuss your proposal with a research committee or other department members before a dissertation committee makes some decision about it.

Formatting Columbia University dissertations

Here are several simple rules for formatting Columbia University dissertations.

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  • All margins in your Columbia University dissertation should be 1 inch, except for the left margin that should be 1.5 inches.
  • You should use double spacing throughout the dissertation, except for endnotes, footnotes, and bibliography, which should be single-spaced.
  • Such pages in Columbia University dissertations as a title page, copyright page, and an abstract should not be paginated. By the way, usually there is no world limit for Columbia University dissertation abstracts.

However, most probably, you will submit your project to the ProQuest, and they set the world limit of 350 words.