Thesis Analysis: Essential Questions to Answer

Thesis Analysis: Essential Questions to Answer

Making a thesis analysis is an extremely useful exercise for those who are about to start working on their thesis projects. You have a chance to get the very gist of things you will be engaged in during the nearest year or two. Besides, you can make such thesis analysis after your own project is finished so that to define whether you have done everything properly.

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We should warn you that making a thesis analysis might be tricky. First, you should read the project carefully. Second, you need to make sure that you do understand the main idea, points that its author makes.

To make a thesis analysis properly and not to miss something important, it is better to answer specific questions related to the project under analysis. We have outlined some of them below.

  • What is the general topic of the thesis? Try to explain what it is all about in your own words, in a few sentences. Thus, you will make sure that you got the topic.
  • What is the central idea or question that the author intends to answer? After you figure out the general topic, explain what specific aspect about it is considered.
  • Do you think the author answers the main question in the best possible way? Is research conducted good enough to answer the question?
  • Do you think that the author asks a new and significant question? Do you agree that he/she adds something new?
  • Can you, in a few words, describe the writer’s findings to someone who has not read the thesis? Can you point out the most important results?

Do you not know what a thesis report is? You can find answers in our next article.