Dissertation Proposal Samples: Writing the Hardest Part of Your Project

Dissertation Proposal Samples: Writing the Hardest Part of Your Project

Before getting down to work on your dissertation, we suggest you make a kind of survey. Ask people who have completed their projects what part of the dissertation writing process is the most complicated.

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Bet the results of your investigation will show that writing a dissertation proposal is the most challenging part. This stage is tricky indeed.

This is why you have to find dissertation proposal samples before you start writing your own proposal.

Surf the Web and find a couple of sample dissertation proposals closely related to the topic of your project. Or, talk to your supervisor and ask him/her to give you some.

Now, let us discuss how dissertation proposal samples should be analyzed for you to get all the main principles of writing this document.

Introduction in sample dissertation proposals

It is not the most important part of a proposal. However, you can learn more about other projects and topics that were investigated. Simply pay attention to the way topics are introduced.

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Problem statement in dissertation proposal samples

This is the part where the main problem of any project is discussed. Here you should pay attention to how an author formulates his/her specific research question.

Conceptual framework in dissertation proposal samples

This part explains the perspectives that the main problem will be viewed from. What theories did the author use? What terms did he/she use to define some key points of the work?

Methodology in dissertation proposal samples

What methods did the author choose for solving the main problem? Why did he/she choose those particular methods? Pay attention to these points in a sample dissertation proposal.

On our blog, you can find more details about writing dissertation methodology.