How to Write a Long Essay: Quick Tips and Brief Explanations for You

How to Write a Long Essay: Quick Tips and Brief Explanations for You

What do you know about long essays? What was the longest essay in your academic career? Do you remember what it was like?

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If you already have an experience of writing long essays, probably it will not be that troublesome for you to write one more long paper. Yet, if this is your first long essay, we are sure you will not mind receiving some explanations and tips on how to write a long essay.

First off, one of the main secrets of efficient long essays lies in teacher’s instructions. This is where you will find out how long exactly your paper should be, how many sources you need to use to prepare it, and definitely how much time you have for the completion of this long essay.

What about some peculiarities of writing long essay? You might be surprised, but there are no special things you should consider to produce a great essay. You are supposed to stick to the same 5-paragraph pattern of organization, use arguments and evidences to back up your claims, research a topic, and document sources used.

By the way, many students mistakenly think they have to make long paragraphs in their long essays. It is not really so. On the contrary, avoid writing too long paragraphs, split your paper into more sections, which will make it easier to read.

Finally, here are several quick tips and recommendations for those writing long essays.

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  1. Never procrastinate when it comes to this kind of papers. Start as early as possible.
  2. Mind that preparing long essays requires more sources to be used.
  3. Do not try to write your essay from scratch. Always make outlines.
  4. Leave time to proofread your paper, because it may contain more mistakes than a shorter essay.

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